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Raj H - Burrp User

Raj H

November 17,2013

Nothing Italian about this.

Nothing Italian about this food. How can this restaurant claim itself as Little Italy. Service is so bad. Ambiance is worst. Not much of a spread. No Ample parking place. Food is horrible. Untidy place. Mosquitoes around. This is a Little Italy franchise. How can they claim as Little Italy directly in the website ? Why so much of service tax ?Why service tax when service is poor. 25% tax is too much. Bill does not look like a proper bill.. We had lots of hopes looking at other Little Italy restaurants but this place failed miserably to meet our expectations. It is far away from value for money...Must avoid place...Surprised how can this restaurant be of Little Italy standards.
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Pramod Bhardwaj - Burrp User

Pramod Bhardwaj

November 11,2013

Going to Dogs!!

We have been visiting/home-delivering food from Eurasia for quite a few years now. It was a lazy Sunday evening and we decided to get a home-delivery from Eurasia. We were very disappointed with the quality of the food. Of course the portions have reduced and prices have gone up, but we were shocked by the food taste. Funghi Alla Trapanese was missing parsley, very salty and not prepared to their standard that we are used to. Pasta Del Fattore, was just some over-cooked pasta tossed in a plain tomato puree. Forget the taste, it was so over-cooked that we couldn't get it out and by the time we got it onto our plates we wall all mushy (like a baby food pasta). I do not want to get into the details of how horrible the pizza mellino was !!

Feels like the quality is gone to the dogs !! I wouldn't recommend a home delivery from this place (If I was having this at the restaurant then I can at least walk out).
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Santhosh Sharma - Burrp User

Santhosh Sharma

June 11,2013


Yes it was yummy.

Visit to 'Eurasia' was my first. Liked the ambiance. Though it may not be pure veg place, but it is a veg place. Mainly the food was good. Surely remember the visit. Thanks to Avinash, who might have seen many like this, but for me (who prefers more of Indian/S.Indian cuisines) was surely a memorable treat.

Zuppe, Nacho Espresso .. zuppar
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dsrp72 - Burrp User


May 23,2013

Try Once

Food is good, no replacements in spite of complaining, Price is on the higher side. overall I would give it 3*
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raj_s - Burrp User


February 08,2013

a must go place!

loved the pastas and thin crust pizzas! they charge a lot but then serve you the best stuff!
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Shiltan - Burrp User


January 08,2013


1. Is it easy to find - Yes, it is on the main road.
2. Atmosphere - The place has an open air sitting as well as an inside sitting. It is calm and pretty well decorated with artificial lanterns inside ceramic pots and different flowers and trees.
3. Menu - Excellent. Offers a wide range of Italian vegetarian food.
4. My Order - I have been there a lot of time. Each time ordering different things and each time leaving happy. I tried brushettas, Indian pizza, three cheese pasta, garlic bread, lasagna, tiramisu, cheese cake, chocolate bombe, and a whole lot of other stuff :)
5. Service - Good enough.
6. Bar - The place has a bar but it does not have too many options apart from a few selected brand of wine and champagne.
7. Price - Above Average. But I would not complain since food was great !
8. Conclusion - Great place, great food!
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Jane John - Burrp User

Jane John

November 15,2012

Surprisingly Great!

Being a total meat eater, I wasnt too sure if I would enjoy the vegetarian menu. Surpisingly, its really good. The starters-nachos and bruschettas are awesome. So is the pasta and pizzas. Came back here twice again. Must mention the chocolate bomb dessert and the Sizzling Walnut Brownie…!!
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Sweths - Burrp User


October 08,2012

Sumptuous as always!

Having visited this place umpteen number of times, there is not one complaint regarding the food/service/ambience. It is The best Italian restaurant in South Bangalore. I haven't tried other cuisines as much though. Briefly mentioning the items we swear by - Starters - Fungi alla trapanese(deep baked mushrooms), Fried potato skin chips tossed with spices, bruschetta and nachos (mexican).
Main course - Pizzas and pastas- ANY!! Yes, just pick what you want, and it turns out to be wow! My personal fav is the desi version called Nawabi.
Dessert - Have tried only one and I just cant stop myself from ordering it in every visit - Sizzling walnut brownie. Enough for 3 ppl.

And their quantities are large so be careful while placing the order as I have seen a lot of ppl end up carry food home.

On our recent visit, the mocktails weren't upto our expectation.

Yes, it is an expensive place as it falls under Fine-dining category.
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Suma Agara - Burrp User

Suma Agara

September 23,2012

Very average

1.The items in the buffet area are exposed to air.
2.Mangolian rice and noodles are very spicy.
3. The price is high for the ambiance and the variety.
4. Service is also very average
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Suma Agara - Burrp User

Suma Agara

September 23,2012

Very average

1.The items in the buffet are exposed to open air.
2.Mangolian rice and noodles are very spicy.
3. The price is high for the ambiance and the variety.
4. Service is also very average
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TrueFoodie1234 - Burrp User


July 02,2012

Amazing food.

Have been to Eurasia a lot of times and the food is brilliant. I love the buffet. The nachos,salsa, pastas, chocolate bomb is brilliant. Keep up the good fOod!
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architsharma - Burrp User


June 11,2012

Good Food.. Place worth having Food

I had come to know of the place through Burrp.. Had though of coming before but finally end up last sunday with a friend. Found the place to be cozy on with an open area... with the good weather ,it was a perfect setting.

Order a spring onion soup,living up the expectation it was really good. The starter had many option and we final order something of potato.. it has been marinated wit spices and one could get the taste...

One reason for us to be there was to try something different so for the main course we settle for a Mongolian Dish... It gave us the option of rice/noodle and i noodle also there were options... One could choose the gravy and even the 5 different ingredients.... It also lived up to the expectations... though we were skeptical but once we stated it we were sure we had made a good choice....

To end our dinner we ordered Sizzling Walnut Brownie.... We were amazed to see the size of Brownie... it was fresh and yummy....

Peth Bhar Gaya tha magar Mann nahi.. The best thing was the quantity was good enuf so paying at amount did not pinch as we got the quantity and more over the taste worth the money

I must recommend this place to people who luv to njoy their food... Looking forward to many more visits !!!!
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Reena Chowdhury - Burrp User

Reena Chowdhury

April 21,2012

pleasantly surprised to see Eurasia

Drove from sarjapur rd to Jayanagar as we had lot of stuff to finish at jaynagar . aware that Jayanagar has limited offerings on food ,was pleasantly surprised to see Eurasia . Nice ambience , courteous staff and had a srumptious Italian lunch . Lapped up the pasta ,was ok with the pizza and themocktails , finished it off with strawberry cheese cake overall a good experience ! Thank u !It was my Bengali new Year so was thrilled !
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musicboy909 - Burrp User


March 22,2012

Good food but horrible service

Being a regular at Little Italy, I really wanted to try this place out. Went there on 18th March for lunch. First of all, even with most of the restaurant empty, they made us sit on the rooftop even though we wanted air-conditioned seats, just because it was 'for buffet only'. And it was too hot to sit in the open. With a complete section being empty, didn't make sense to seat us outside, especially with sunlight falling on us...

Pizzas were good like Little Italy but the Canneloni was horrible mainly due to sour tomatoes being used instead of sun-dried tomatoes and it was one single tube rather than the preferable multiple tubes of pasta.

Food - 3.5/5
Ambience - 1/5
Service - 2/5

Overall - 2/5
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Vinod Uthaiah - Burrp User

Vinod Uthaiah

February 16,2012

Loved this place !!

Was wanting to take my wife for lunch on a weekday on her birthday.
Was sifting through Burrp and i was contemplating quite a few places.
Knowing my palate, i was not the one to try exotic cuisines to upset my routine.
But what the heck...I tried to be a lil sporty this time, as my wife was the more adventurous of the 2.
Sifting thru burrp I found this place called Eurasia with some true experiences and also prompt replies from the owners thanking for patronage and apologizing when things got wrong.
I had finalised my place. Eurasia - It had to be.
Nestled in the corner of the Kanakpura road junction was Eurasia.
Come in and you feel a tranquility inside or was it the weeday that i picked the reason for such silence.
I was very apprehensive when I looked at the menu card, more scared was my wife as I have a very sensitive tummy to go with.
The rest that unfolded was a nice dream and laid rest to all our fears.
We ordered Mocaritas for both of us which we absolutely loved.
For starters we ordered stuffed nacho's which was wonderful and we enjoyed thoroughly.
For the main course I decided to get a little brave and this infused some confidence in my wife and I ordered for the Mongolian Wok Tok and my wife the Lasagne alla vegetarian ( which was not available) , unfazed we ordered the Cicilia Pizza .
The Mongolian WokTok was akin to thee fried rice but very nice , a little sweet for me but all's well that goes well into the tummy.
But the best was the Pizza....simply that we had never tasted before.
Crunched into every bite of it.
We ended the lunch with the Blueberry Cheese cake and the chocolate bomb which yummy for every spoonful.
Ambience 4/5
Service 4/5
Food 5/5
Overall 4/5
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jain.vipin.s - Burrp User


February 01,2012

A night started good ended with a very bad note.

“ We had been at Eurasia yesterday for my marriage anniversary treat with anothe couple. We ordered soups which were very good in taste and service was also faster. The starters were really AWESOME. We ordered for Rivoli but the manager came back and apologised that it is finished. I was surprised to know at 9.15 pm how can an item get over. Anyways I ordered some similar thing which was ok but not upto the mark of the Rivolis. Then comes the sad part.. we ordered two pizzas and both of these were very much below the quality. There was hardly any cheese and one pizza was having lil too much of garlic, which made that pizza suck and my guests had no choice but to leave. So for that I ordered for Garlic breads with cheese, which was equally bad. The service was also pretty bad, the staff was hardly available for water serve and other things. I checked later and found out this was a branch of Little Italy, but the tastewise they are far better then EURASIA. A night started good ended with a very bad note. Hope these things get better. ”
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mekhala.shastry - Burrp User


December 12,2011

Great food but Pricey for the quantity

Great stuff at this restaurant!
But one thing for the staff to consider. - I spent over 2k for a family of 2 adults and 1 kid and yet we returned home with stomachs half-full.
Appreciate if you can increase the pasta serving qty.
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seanrock - Burrp User


December 08,2011

An experience to share

I had been to Eurasia on Sunday. The dinning was an experience to remember. The food tasted as authentic as it could be. The pizza were just the one you can get anywhere in Italy. The wine menu offers good suggestion on pairing of the food. The flavour of the pasta and risotto are one of the kind what you an experience. It was a value for meal dinning experience, since if you want to enjoy good Italian food, then it is not that easy to find a restaurant which offers such value for money. Cheers for the food and service at Eurasia. This is going to be one of my frequent joints.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,
Thanks for your feedback and also sharing your experience with fellow burrpers.
I am glad that we lived up to your expectations both in terms of food and service.

Thank you for writing such a lovely review.

shubhar - Burrp User


December 03,2011

Dinner at Eurasia

I had been to dinner last night with my family for my dad's birthday. The ambiance was good. We sat in the First floor dining room. The staff was good. I loved the soups and starters(mostly mexican). Then came the Pizza (Pizza Ultimate), which was very good. We ordered Pasta (Prima Vera with white sauce) and Lasagne, which were just okay. Both had white sauce in them. I later felt the staff could have recommended going with tomato sauce for the pasta. Anyway, since it is our first time there, we didnt have a clue. At the end, came the most disappointing part. My father chose the 'Gelato Attlantide' described 'Strawberry, Nuts with red wine'. He asked for the red wine to be replaced with choco sauce, which the staff obliged. But, when the ice cream arrived, he found no nuts in it. When we asked the staff about the nuts, the response was - 'Oh Sorry'. The staff then came with a small cup of broken nuts after almost the ice cream was done with. The dessert was really disappointing for the big price.
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rpb_india - Burrp User


November 02,2011

Meh ..

I really wanted to like this place. Perhaps we ordered the wrong dishes, who knows ? First off it serves mainly italian and mexican food. No barbeque. It also has a section with mongolian dishes which completes the 'asia' part of the name. It has valet parking and the ambience is decent. Coming to the food - The jalapeno salsa was very average - the toasted bread crisps were soft when they should have been crispy. The stuffed nachos were good and the saving grace. For the entree we ordered a risotto which was not that great - it was just rice lumped in a thick cheese sauce. We're always on the look out for good risotto and sadly it did not meet our expectations. Some more seasoning and flavor would have helped. Also the texture of the rice was a bit off. Drinks - How can a place claim to be an italian restuarant and have only 1 wine available? The menu listed about 10 and the waiter kept coming back to us saying most of them were not in stock . At the end we gave up and asked him to get us whatever was in stock which was only one Cabernet blend. Dessert - This was the real disappointment of the evening. I ordered a Tiramisu after seeing it on another table. It looked appealing and I was sure I would like it. It was by far the worst dish of the evening. Tiramisu is supposed to be soft with creamy mascapone and coffee soaked lady fingers biscuits at the bottom. This was some gelatin based spongy mass which tasted awful. Up until then both my husband and I had decided that perhaps it was 'one of those days' and we should give the place another chance some other time. Unfortunately the tiramisu was the last straw. We promptly put down our spoons, asked for the check and left. Too bad. This is quite close where I live and I wanted to like it.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest

Thank you! We will definitely try our hardest to meet your expectation

ejain21 - Burrp User


October 16,2011

Not what it says

Menu boasts of expensive amazing toppings like capers, artichokes, olives etc, but when you actually get the dishes, toppings are nowhere to find, you need a magnifying glass to find them in your dishes. It is basic pizza base with cheese and toppings nowhere to find! It is expensive ..... we ordered bruschetta and pizza and both were same.... if you eat from one thing to another, all tastes same... I will not go again.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear ejain21,

I am sorry to hear about your not so happy dining experience at Eurasia. The ingredients mentioned above are put on the sauce and topped with cheese. We do customize our guests orders. So next time if you do give us a chance and visit again please let our staff know how you would like the toppings and they would be more than happy to assist you.

rajnig - Burrp User


October 09,2011

Great place for vegetarians

I visited this place 2 years back , and I absolutely loved their food. Esp their Nachos and grilled veggies was worth trying. I tried their mangolian noodles and was excellent.... I wish I had this place closer to where I live.... I wud have visited this place more often.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Rajnig,

Thank you for visiting Eurasia and for sharing your feedback. We do home delivery within a 5km radius. Looking forward to having you over many times over!!!

anideswandikar - Burrp User


August 21,2011

Little italy, different location ... no BBQ

First, it's a venture of Little Italy. Second, they don't serve BBQ. So, if you have been to Little Italy (La Italia) in Indiranagar and looking for something different, then don't go here. The name is very misleading.
The food was good. The service was very good too. The order was brought out at a steady pace so we could enjoy all the dishes.
The Pizza was really good.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Anideswandikar,

At Eurasia we used to serve BBQ before, but since our customers liked our pizza, pasta, Lebanese and Mexican dishes better we decided to stop selling BBQ and serve customers food they enjoyed.
I am glad that you liked our food and service.
Hope to have you again at Eurasia Restaurant!!!

Shyam Vasudevan - Burrp User

Shyam Vasudevan

August 13,2011


Eurasia is one of my most favorite restaurants in Bangalore. Their food and service are truly excellent. The staff has always been very friendly and courteous. As someone who is visiting Eurasia very frequently in the last 2 years I should say that their quality has never gone less even once. The pastas and pizzas are very very good, Sicilia, Tabasco and Primavera are my all-time favorites. I am also very fond of Pale-di-Potato and the jalapeno-salsa dip they serve with peta bread. Highly recommended!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Kooolblue,
Thanks for your feedback and also sharing your experience with fellow burrpers.
I am glad that we have lived up to your expectations for the past 2 years and would strive to improve on our standards going forward. We have currently added a whole range of Mexican dishes to our menu. Do try them and let us know your valuable feedback.
Thank you for giving such a lovely review.
Looking forward to seeing you soon

Deepa Kasiraman - Burrp User

Deepa Kasiraman

August 12,2011

Pasta or Pizza this is the place

We had been for lunch with our kid who loved it. The taste and service is good, nice ambience - we were at roof top with a drizlling rain for company. Wide range of options with just veg on the menu. We had the speciality baked pasta and the walnut brownie with vanila ice cream for dessert was out of the world.
Had a wonderful lunch. We will definitely come back to try out the other options.
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Reply from restaurant management

Glad to hear that you had a memorable first visit and your kid loved it too.
Our thin crust pizzas like Sicilia, Melino and pastas like Delbarone, Arribiata are also huge favorites among our patrons. Chocolate bomb is another dessert loved by all kids.
Looking forward to serve with you the best service and food always.

Foodaholic  - Burrp User


June 27,2011

delightful food

Delightful veg. food
ambiance:45 (we sat on terrace ..facing lovely gulmohar trees)
Price: Moderate(not very expensive)

Food was tasty.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Patron,

Greetings from Eurasia Pasta Barbeque, Jayanagar !!!
It was our immense pleasure to have You here. Thank you very much for the Appreciations & Compliments towards Restaurant Ambiance and Tasty Food.We are Happy to know You had an overall very good experience at our Eurasia Pasta & Barbeque Restaurant.Looking forward to serve You with the best service & food always.

Warm Regards
Eurasia Management

wink_srp - Burrp User


June 15,2011

A welcome change

i had been with my family to eurasia to celebrate my husbands birthday...and it was a pleasant experience.. the ambinace was nice, a house renovated to accommodate a restaurant.. done very well.!!! the service was prompt and the staff too were welcoming. The food too was up to mark, we experiment with different food and the staff also recommended some good menu options... however the pizza was a little disappointing, for the base was way to thin and hard.. felt more like a hard roti.. we have had better pizza's in blore...but every thing else we ordered was mouth watering. my mother in law , who does not enjoy food outside, was all Ga Ga abt the place.. so i dont need to say more... keep up the good job!
by the way, why have u eliminated the barbeque ? we were looking forward to it.
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Anand Bharadwaj - Burrp User

Anand Bharadwaj

May 09,2011

good experience!

We saw the good ratings on Burrp and went to Eurasia. Even at 8.15 PM the place was almost full. Thankfully, we had prebooked and were led to our place. We liked the ambience (chilled out) and the crowd was a mix of young and the old. Service was prompt, courteous and helpful. We ordered a salad, pizza and pasta along with a couple of soft drinks. The food didn't blow us away but was good enough. We will be back with more people!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr. Bharadwaj,

Thanks so much for visiting us at Eurasia and giving your valuable feedback. Next time please do let our service staff know about how we can customize your food so that we can make it according to your taste. It will be our sincere endeavor to live up to your expectations and make your next visit even more enjoyable.

Ranjani  - Burrp User


April 27,2011

Amazing food

The best place for Italian food in Bangalore. Italian food goes best with wine, which they do not serve here. Thats a big disappointment.
Otherwise, the pizzas are amazing. Their herbs garlic bread is a must try.
Its a great place if you suddenly decide to step out for a dinner.
Dont expect a cosy environment
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Reply from restaurant management


I am glad that you enjoyed the pizzas and herbs garlic bread. We are working on our wine license and are hopeful that we will be able to start serving wine in the next few weeks. We do want our patrons to feel at home so please let the staff know how we can make your next visit more comfortable.

Thank you and hope to see you again at Eurasia Restaurant!!!

bloreoota - Burrp User


April 19,2011

Great food, good ambiance!

Being a resident of South Bangalore, I am always on the look out for restaurants which offer continental vegetarian cuisine in this part of town. Eurasia fits the bill perfectly. I have been here a few times with friends and family have always walked out with that unparalleled satisfaction of having enjoyed a good meal. I have tried their entire range of offerings - from the Mongolian fried rice to Pizza and Pastas and the Italian fare is emerges on top. My favorite would be the spinach ravioli. I have ordered it every time I visit them and have consistently kudos from my co-diners for coming up with such a 'tasteful' option. It is seldom that one gets complimented for ordering a spinach dish, and no, I didn't have Popeye for company!

From the starter to the main course, the dishes score highly on taste while being luxurious with the portions. The flip side is sometimes we over-ordered. But when the food is good, who doesn't enjoy over-eating!

The pricing is reasonable (though not cheap), considering the servings. Keep it going Eurasia and don't change anything - the food, the price (unless you are lowering it!) or the portions!
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Test User - Burrp User

Test User

April 17,2011

Not bad.

I had been to this hotel recently. Here are my feedback :
Things that I did not like
a) We had to ask to be served with Water.
b) The half serving of the soup and the full serving of the soup is the SAME. Many restaurants have a different bowl for Full Soup. Why pay full money if you are going to be served half serving any way?
c) The restaurant was not spacious, we were seated next to the A/C and made our life difficult.
d) Onion rings was below average.

Things that I did really like :
a) It is a total family place and is pure vegetarian!
b) The pizza was excellent. It was truely italian. I had a thin crust exotic Pizza which tasted very nice.
c) The pasta was indeed tasty, though I couldnt make out the difference between Arabiata and Sicily pasta.
d) The servings had some justification for the price (220 - 250 plus) for pasta and pizza.
e) They dont nickel and dime you with the service charge unlike Pizza hut or Mandi.

My two cents :
a) IF you have a teen or a kid in your party, avoid ordering separate course, as the servings are decent.
b) I dont fancy the soup, not sure about many of the starter options.
c) Take the seat away from the A/C (especially 1st floor).
d) Dont expect too much of service as you aint gonna get one.

The bill was for 1300/- for three people - Soup, 1 starter and 3 main course (roughly 250/- each).
Best Regards,
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ramani75 - Burrp User


March 14,2011

Nice place

Let me start with the bad .. the place is located in the middle of a busy street and hence the noise and air pollution is horrible. So if you want some peace and quiet, go inside and do not sit outdoors.

My friend and I ordered a pizza and salad. The salad was good and so was the Margharetta pizza. The problem was with the cheese on the pizza. Margharetta is normally done with chunks of Mozzarella and this pizza did not have it. It was more like shredded all over. The taste of the pizza however was very good. Overall a nice place
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mrpnnp - Burrp User


March 12,2011

Today visit

Today we had a visit to Eurasia. The soup, pasta and pizza was good.
Value for money.
Totally we all ( 4 friends ) were happy. After the dinner we went to Near by ice cream shop and had good ice creams.
---- Narayana Prasad P N
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Patron,

It was great pleasure & thank you so much for visiting Eurasia Restaurant. And also we would like to thank you for expressing words for our Soup, Pizza & Pasta. You would have had nice Gelato at our Restaurant too since we have separate Gelato Menu on the table.

Hope to have you again at Eurasia Restaurant!!!

Ruchir Ravishankar - Burrp User

Ruchir Ravishankar

March 06,2011

a memorable birthday!

on 26th Jan me and my family decided to go to Eurasia. the food was awesome and the mock tails are brilliant. we had nachos, cheese rings, margherita, and other delicacies which were splendid. it was indeed a night to remember... thanks Eurasia!!
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Reply from restaurant management

Greetings Dear Patron,

I am glad we were able to live up to your expectations and thank you for your kind and encouraging words on above all the food & mocktails. We do want our patrons to feel at home with us.
Thank you again for your wonderful feedback and look forward to having you over again at Eurasia.

vinayshettar - Burrp User


February 22,2011

Great food!!

We visited Eurasia on Feb 14th and had a wonderful time. The food was great and service was excellent. Was very happy looking at the menu because Eurasia has lots of vegetarian options.

Thanks Eurasia for excellent food and service.
- Vinay and Prema
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Vinay & Prema,

Thanks so much for visiting us and for your feedback. Menu has lots of vegetarian options because we want our guests to have a wide variety of options to choose from. Thank you so much for appreciating food & service at Eurasia.
Hope to have you over again soon.

Achinth Gurkhi - Burrp User

Achinth Gurkhi

February 15,2011

Nice place

It is a nice cozy place, with valet parking. It serves mainly Italian food. For starters we had stuffed nachos, potato poppers and cheese garlic bread. Nachos was very good, poppers was good but a bit too spicy. Cheese garlic bread was a disappointment as I could not find any garlic flavor in it. For the main course we had the Mongolian Wok Tok which was awesome and Spaghetti Bolognese which was also very good. For desserts we had the cheese cake which was decent (have had better ones). Service was very good - glasses was refilled immediately, plates cleared quickly. But the guy who was taking the order was a bit pushy forcing us to order the next course quickly. This could be due to the fact that the place was crowded and customers were waiting for a table but management needs to understand that we come to these kind of restaurant to have a relaxed meal and we should not be hurried up. Also it is a bit expensive due to which you don't feel like visiting it too often though you like the food.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mr. Achinth

Thanks so much for visiting us at Eurasia and the words for the Food. Your feedback is valuable for us so that we can work on them. It will be our sincere endeavor to live up to your expectations, the next time you visit us.
Look forward to having you over.

devpav - Burrp User


January 02,2011

A ruined new year lunch

We ( wife and me) decided to catch up with our common friend for lunch on the first day of New year. So we opted to go to Eurasia for two reasons
1. Close to home
2. Had been there for dinner twice and all seemed fine. In dim lights atleast;)

Soups-Essence of tomato and spring onion. So far so good. Then things went to worse.
1. The Pizza melino had strands of hair in the minced spinach paste
2, We ordered Salad ( forgot name) which was supposed to have fresh tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mozzarella Cheese and olives. The salad arrived. No forks were given till we asked for them. Then, to our shock we discovered there's no Mozzerella cheese and olives in it. we asked the waiter and he apologised and told he would get olives seperate. But it never arrived.
3. The knife they gave contained strains of blue on the blade which we could wipe off with a tissue. We suspect it to be detergent that was not rinsed properly.
Totally unhappy, we refrained from ordering anything else and skipped desserts too.
Overall a horrible lunch experience at a place that I had held in high esteem till yesterday
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nandishratkal - Burrp User


December 13,2010

Good Food...

After reading about the great experiences the others had here, we decided to drop in for dinner last night, although we went there without reservation, we managed to find a good place, the main road is surprisingly not such a turn off, but make sure you dont go there for a quite evening, go with the largest noisiest group of friends!!!

Food was excellent, will definitely visit again and again till we exhaust all items on menu :)

But one small complaint, although we came there without a reservation and found decent seating, what initially put us off was the behavior of the waiter, who seemed too inflexible and unwilling to serve (this is on the first floor), he made us sit in the closed AC hall, that room is suffocating, please do something about it!! we were put off enough to actually walk out, when we decided we would try our luck on the second floor, lo and behold! we had a great time!!! we did not try anything new on the menu other than what has previously been suggested here, so nothing new to write about food. We loved everything about the food! and i would say its pretty inexpensive too! for the 4 of us, dinner without desserts came up to 1350INR.

Sure to visit again soon!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Customer,
I am delighted to hear that you had a pleasant meal in our midst!! I would like you to share your views with us and write in to eurasiapbq@gmail.com to help us serve you better the next time.

Sun Shine - Burrp User

Sun Shine

December 08,2010

yummy garlic bread

very expensive..but the taste is worth it.. must try garlic bread.. its better than any of those we get in pizza outlets.. will cost about 500 for 2.. best time to go for dinner...
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Shwetha,
Thank you for your kind words of praise and hope you will keep coming back for more with your friends and family!

Ashwini Bhat - Burrp User

Ashwini Bhat

September 20,2010

Nice place but expected more

Me and a couple of my friends landed in this place on last Saturday as this was close to the friend's place we were visiting. I had read a lot o good reviews about this place on burrp and was hence having a very high expectation. If not up to my expectation, this place is pretty decent and nice for family/all gals/friends outing.
We made ourselves comfortable on the first floor o the place. We chose the tomato soup and for starter we chose corn cheese balls and special crostini (not sure o the name). The soup was good but the starters were very disappointing. The corn and cheese ball was not what i had expected. It tasted and looked more like our very own Mangalore bajji and the crostini was freezing cold. the Bread did not have and flavor at all.. when we asked the manager, he told us that its a cold starter. We asked him to warm it up no matter what it was n after warming, it tasted better but still did not taste good. After this I was a little skeptical about the food and ordered a lasagna and Mexican rice. Both of them turned out to be very tasty. Though i still fell they can improve on the quantity served. Finally came our favorite part - Dessert. We ordered some pancake with lot o chocolate sauce(do not remember the name) on it. It was brilliant and tasted heavenly. All 3 of us attacked the pancake and the plate was empty in few minutes. My friends liked everything except for the starters. Even i felt the same. I may come back to this place again with family.

Suggestion for the management : Please let the customer know if what he has chosen is a cold starter or a warm starter. Because we were not very much aware of it and hence ended up ordering the wrong stuff. It will be very helpful for people who are not very much into the cuisine.
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Vaishnavi N - Burrp User

Vaishnavi N

July 29,2010

yummy & slurrping!!!!

yummy pizzas, pastas, bruschettas, nachos & salsa....just brilliant...Little Italy closer home..loved it!!!

service is a lil slow..plz work on that...the cutlery needs a change...but definitely great tasting food :) :)
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Piyush Agarwal - Burrp User

Piyush Agarwal

July 18,2010

Good Food

I love Italian food and was happy to know that I have a better option than Ragoo's or Casa Picola.

Though this place is a little heavy on the pocket but the food is good. Overall a good experience and I am happy to have such a place in the vicinity.
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Swap71 - Burrp User


June 22,2010

A different cuisine at Jayanagar

Me and Hubby were bored with the Indian food that is available all around the place and we greatly enjoyed eating at Eurasia, it was the first time I was eating/tasting Italian and I was delighted to eat the food that i ordered, it was yummy and nice. Great Ambience too, keep inviting all my friends over to the place too.
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k.subramanyam - Burrp User


June 21,2010

A Geographic Disappointment

My sister and I were looking for a place that does not specialise in Idli-Dosa fare, and in Jayanagar that is not an easy find. I'd heard of Eurasia a while ago so we decided to give it a try.
The menu is a mix of Italian, Mexican, and the only Mongolian dish available is noodles. The starters were good, Funghi Trifolati, a mushroom dish, and Special crostini. The main course on the other hand was inedible. the pasta was not cooked properly and had an unnecessary amount of chilli in it. I ordered a salad and that was a nightmare. It had all conceivable vegetables thrown in together - sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, pickled onions, string beans, ricotta cheese and shaved mozarella on top. It was so bad. We asked for the bill, and seeing that our plates were untouched, the head waiter asked if there was something wrong with the food. We replied in the affirmative, the something wrong being that it was awful and not edible. He was very nice about it and didn't bill us for the main course.
They need to change the chef. The restaurant offers only vegetarian fare, which is fine as long as you know what you're doing. They've tried to offer variety without giving too much thought to taste. Really, change the chef.
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yogeshgk - Burrp User


April 09,2010

Good Addition to Jayanagar

Lets face it. South Bangalore in general faces a huge paucity in terms of good dining locations. Sure, you do have Maiya's, a plethora of Adigas, all the Sagars (Sri, Shanthi and Shiv put in an appearance). There is also the oddment of 'Roti' places serving north indian food.

Other than Ragoos, there is NOTHING that I have seen south west of Koramangala that serves Italian food. I'm not counting La Casa and Casa Picola which are not veg-only joints

Eurasia fills that gap. With its primarily Italian cuisine, tastefully and subtly decorated dining area in an old house is quite a charm. Its location is great, right off K.R Road and accessible.

The food is good, and unlike some earlier reviewers, thought that the Super stuffed Nachos was actually better than at other places. If you are looking for huge plate like what you get in the US, sorry, but you're in the wrong country. Nachos at every other place is worse off than Eurasia.

There is great variety in the food and the staff is quite willing to make changes, additions, deletions per your requirement.

The thin crust pizza is a real delight, and the salads are good too.

If you are in a hurry, this is not the place. If you are looking for something cheap, this is not the place.

The prices are quite reasonable for the fare offered.And I for one, definitely intend on going there again and again. And this is not just because it's in my backyard
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amithraj24 - Burrp User


January 17,2010

Good Place in Jayanagar

At last some nice eating place in Jayanagar.. i was very happy to find a Italian restaurant in Jayanagar... food was very good tried Masala Mafia... and Putanesca both very very good...
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vivekv - Burrp User


January 11,2010

Not bad

Taste: Good. The pasta that we ordered tasted authentic. In addition they had wheat pasta (on order).

Time to serve: Excellent. We did not feel like we were waiting for our orders to come.

Waiters: Limited knowledge about the food they serve :)

Ambiance : Poor. Most places are open towards the road and the when they designed the restaurant they should have been more thoughtful as the restaurant is not in Milan but near the very noisy Kanakapura road.

Price: Expensive. Cannot say that it is a great value for money.
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Swaroop Rao - Burrp User

Swaroop Rao

January 02,2010

Nice place to kick back and relax

I was debating between going to World Cuisine Network (Italian) and Eurasia. I had been to WCN(I) earlier and was quite impressed by the decor, service & food. However, since this was going to be a family outing, I was looking for something a bit less formal, so we decided to go to Eurasia.

First of all, the food tasted very good. We have been to Little Italy a few times, and the similarity in taste was easily discernible. We had lasagna, soup, nachos with beans/cheese, pita with hummus, Mongolian (Wok the Tok, I think), some pasta with a Indian twist and a pizza. Except for the Mongolian dish (which was a bit too salty), the others were very well prepared and tasty. Portion sizes were adequate and reasonable.

Next, the service. The waiter who took our order spoke poor English, and even that with a very thick Eastern / North-Eastern accent. Add to that the noise from the street and we could barely understand what he was saying. I definitely feel that the waiters are a key element of the dining experience, so they should be chosen with care and trained adequately.

Dishes were served in a reasonable amount of time and in the appropriate sequence. We asked for an additional order of pita & hummus which the waiter forgot about, but that wasn't a big deal, since we were full.

Restaurant is definitely noisy, especially in the open terrace, because of the proximity to the busy road and intersection just outside. Chairs were a tad uncomfortable especially towards the end of the visit. There are three seating areas, so you can take your pick depending on your taste for fresh air or otherwise.

Overall, the restaurant provided a fairly satisfactory experience and I wouldn't mind going back again.
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sashni - Burrp User


January 02,2010

Needs some good amt of makeover

Went to this place with high expectations on the 1st of January to ring in the new year with some good italian food.
Let me make some quick comparisons of this place vs Little Italy- LI (taking into account this is a franchisee as well).

Menu: Eurasia has some indianised versions as well, for eg barbeques and Rumali roti !! Dint try it though

Food: At Eurasia we tried the same menu which we always go for at LI, not much of a diff except that the Super stuffed Nachos (called nachos with refried beans at LI) were pretty bare without much cheese !!

Ambience: In this dept, LI scores well over Eurasia. Eurasia is much more cramped, stuffy from the barbeques and so on, too noisy from the main road traffic. LI is much more peaceful to have that good meal !!

Service : LI scores well above again. The guy at the booking counter isnt too pleasing and refuses outright to give us a table of choice ! The guy who takes the order is way too slow in reaching your table which increases ur frustration. The waiters here seem to suffer from sleep deprivation or lack of interest. There is not a smile on their face and they seem to do their work forcibly. This makes dining a little uneasy for the customer !!

All in all, while the food tastes decent, i would prefer LI (Little Italy) anyday
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Preeti Shah - Burrp User

Preeti Shah

January 01,2010


Like Little Italy the place lived up to its expectations, especially for a Vegetarian like me. We had to sit outside as the place was full and there was awful stench coming from nearby, which was the only disappointing part of the evening. Def. a MUST GO
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rajeshr - Burrp User


December 21,2009

Bad experience!

My friend & myself decided to check out Little Italy franchise since it was close to our houses in Jayanagar.

We had order for a starter & salad along with a pizza for main course.
The starter which was bread based was not warm . Salad was OK , a bit less seasoned.
The main course pizza arrived almost at the same time as the starters.
We had to ask the waiter to take the pizza back to the oven to avoid getting it cold. This was when it really started going downhill.

Table next to us had a problem & started speaking with the manager. We were towards the end of the meal when my friend spotted a rat hopping on the chairs. I first thought he was kidding & laughed it off.
Note that this place is a house converted into a restaurant & we sat on the 2nd floor which is open air .He mentioned that it was probably going to come back since it was close to the railing.
He noticed the rat once again, I turned around to see it myself & made a loud noise alerting the waiter. The waiters did not seem least bit bothered to react.

We ended up speaking with the Manager & complained about the service as well as about the hygienic standards.
The Manager offers to work something out on the next visit & offered his business card.
We were in no mood to come back after this experience & insisted on a discount.
Manager went back & offered up a “special discount” of 10%.Inspite of the discount, the bill ran upto 700.

Not recommended unless you have a big wallet.

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Sathwick T S - Burrp User

Sathwick T S

December 18,2009

Is it the same Little Italy?

Looks like the name does not match perfectly with the food...
Too huge a geographical area to cover...from Portugal in the west to Japan in the east...of course they havent cover all of it!
They have done bits and pieces of several locations with the Little Italy's cuisine being the main stay...Mongolian, Mediterranean, Mexican, BBQ...good menu layout but is a little long to fit in all the types in...
They have done a good job with the Mediterranean stuff and the Italian pastas / pizzas. The dressing on the salads can increase in variety...
But the service is not up to the mark and the staff seem a bit apprehensive when asked about anything...perhaps they need more knowledge imbibing and training. The person who took our order insisted on trying the garlic bread (a practice got in from the Hut and the Corner!). They did not offer grated cheese or fresh pepper on any of our orders...
Food is good, the usual Little Italy way...
They have stayed veggie even with all the BBQ stuff they have...
They have some customized pizzas (Nawabi, etc) too, to suit the main stream spice loving market...
Decor, the place and the ambiance is nice...but gets too noisy on the open roof as it is close to the main road...
Prices are a bit high but I am sure Bangalore has enough market for this place...
Parking may be a problem although they have valet parking (not sure where they have the place to park...i guess they just take your car and park it in one of the by-lanes)...
Overall nice place...but may be bogged down when compared to Little Italy...
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ruthdprabhu - Burrp User


November 27,2009

Making a convert of me!!

Eurasia is walking distance from my house on the road popularly known as avarekai road in Jayanagar 7th block. As we entered, the decor got a couple of oohs and aahs from us. Airy and full of natural light, we decided to sit downstairs rather than on the terrace.

Starters was a battle over Pita bread with hummus or Pita bread with muttabel. The Muttabel - roasted eggplant seasoned with spiced herbs and olive oil - won. The dish looked really cute when it come with pomegranate seeds decorating it. The muttabel tasted good, quite close to what is served in the Gulf. The olive oil was not really there, but the black olives made up for it. Nice and amply sufficient for two people.

We next opted for the mixed platter of starters which was batter fried capsicum, onion rings and corn fritters. While the descriptions on the menu were varied, all three veggies were batter fried and served with tomato salsa. They really went well with the tangy salsa. But honestly wished they hadn't sprinkled a truck load of chaat powder on the dish. We dusted it off and gobbled it all up.

Main course time I just had to try the pastas. They have a good range of toppings as well as pastas in terms of penne, spaghetti, fusili, farfelle and even gnocchi. I opted for the Matriciana in spaghetti. This was tomato sauce, soya mince, cheese, onion, chilly and basil. It was topped off with shavings of parmesan. The quantity was excellent and the taste - well, it was my big step into believing that vegetarian Italian can actually be really good. The sauce was rich without being overly so, tangy and very very yummy.

Hubby decided to go in for a Mongolian Wok-Talk - This is a stir fry where you get to choose your ingredients, the sauce and the type of noodles you want it tossed in. He went for the Yakitori sauce which seriously should have a dangerously spicy sign next to it. Our spice levels are really high but even this one had us reaching for the water glass one too many times. But... But... it was still good. In this sauce was tossed onions, zucchini, broccoli and red and yellow capsicum. This dish came to the table steaming hot and was good right down to the last bite.

To wash these down we had two drinks, both name I forget. Husband's had kiwi and green grapes and mine had strawberry, orange juice and a little bit of something else. Both were cool and refreshing.

Dessert was a rushed affair because junior turned sleepy and therefore cranky. We settled for the most common of desserts from a rather yummy sounding list - caramel custard. What came was perfectly shaped and delicious to boot.

To round up - I am definitely going here again - to try more starters, salads, pizzas and hopefully the barbecues. Yes! they have this too but it is not yet functional. Money wise - the meal came to Rs 1100. Thankfully the staff know what their menu is about. Overall, a nice place to nice change in food styles. They do home delivery too. :)

For some more insight and yummy pix log on to http://onruthprabhusplate.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html#2260137324408849370
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mnagendra - Burrp User


November 07,2009

Eurasia Italian Restaurant

Not worth the Money. If you are craving for Italian food and are really hungry it's just not worth it. The service is bad, the ambience is poor, there is a constant road noise. Average price of a dish is Rs.250. Find another place for the hard earned money.
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Pratik Goyal - Burrp User

Pratik Goyal

October 15,2009

Good pasta place

Hi wanted barbeque when i went but for my bad luck didnt find any as it had not started. good place for vegeterian lovers. A little expensive though meal for 2 would cost 1000
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Fourier - Burrp User


October 15,2009

Not a Big Deal

So, Little Italy has been around for the last 4+ years in Bangalore and now comes a new restaurant "Eurasia" which serves the same food +/- a few dishes, the food tastes EXACTLY like Little Italy but it's Eurasia (a Little Italy franchisee). Heck, I should be reviewing Little Italy instead of Eurasia - why don't they just call it LITTLE ITALY instead of Eurasia?!

Doing a review for Eurasia, is the same as reviewing Little Italy. Quite non-innovative I must say - sad.
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Babu G. Bylappa - Burrp User

Babu G. Bylappa

October 07,2009

Come Burp in Italian Style

Eurasia will be the most memorable place since I met a wonderful person here for the first time in our 5 years of e-friendship. ;-).

I am a big victim of the poor services in many restaurants and I doubted the same here too. But it turned out to be an excellent place! To my shock and relief, all the people - security to the waiters were extremely friendly.

Being an interior designer, as a hobby, I always kept an eye on this building from the day they started renovating the old house to its new avatar. Every time I passed the place, I would wonder what was being renovated so neatly and artistically. I know now! The interiors are very simple and extremely good, making you feel at home instantly.

My friend and I painstakingly ordered for Margarita and Mojito cocktails along with Nachos. The main course comprised of wheat-based pizza and we ended our main meal with delicious Pasta.

After enjoying the appetizing food, I took out the handwriting sample of my friend to analyse and we enjoyed for next 30 mins discussing the inner personalities through the handwriting. In deep discussion, we completely lost track of time! Something made me look at my watch and realized it was way past 10 pm. Thank you for the comfortable ambiance!

Overall, Eurasia is a good place to spend time and money! Next time round, I will take my family to enjoy the ambiance that I am so impressed with!

Happy burping in Italian Style.
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Chitra Gurjar - Burrp User

Chitra Gurjar

September 02,2009

Pleasant surprise for Jayanagar

We descended there on a Friday evening early enough (7pm) so we did'nt have to do the whole booking routine (now a routine on the weekends in Bangalore). Got a table - 5 adults and 3 kids (oh yes - even the 2 yr old has to have his own). Seating is oooook. We sat on the first floor. Conversation was drowned by the unbearable traffic. Suggestion - place sound-proof material in strategic places and you've got yourself a place!
Starters - Onion rings (kiddie fav), Mezze platter, and nice crisply done tortillas (wheat/maida version). These were tasty although the cheese can be reduced a bit. Platter was good however could not figure out what the dips were (other than hummus). Very tasty salsa dip, nice and freshly done. Tip for sundried tomatoes - try and do it yourself rather than picking up ready made bottled stuff. The flavours are excitingly different each time.
Main course - Pizza - nice thin crust. Good job. Ravioli was good, can work a bit on the spinach and particularly the ricotta. Pasta was very well done. We tried Fusili, the vegetables need to be a bit wholesome though. Broccoli was a tad overcooked. Flavour was good.
Servings are generous - so folks - recommend that you share a dish.
Disappointment - the barbecue and mongolian non-starters
Suggestions - include a good cheese platter, bread basket
Overall - a pleasant Jayanagar surprise. We really needed a place to go to other than Town! Good start.. Will visit soon to check on the deserts.
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good but not great

going by the trend set by these earlier reviews i feel like a party pooper but i gotta be honest,the place didn't knock my socks off..its good,don't get me wrong but it ain't great..whats phenomenal bout it is its location..a decent dining experience in this part of town..the service was slow even though the place was pretty empty and i thought the prices were too steep considering the portions are not that big..its as close to Italian as they can get but i was left a little disappointed..(btw does anyone know what that red oily goop is next to the tomato sauce kept on the table) i was astonished with the crispy potato in their skin..i could have riffled it up in my sleep.. and the portions are ridiculously small..its just potato skin deep fried served with a mayo dip..the pizzas are ok..but the pasta,sadly are not worth it..beautiful names but leaves u wondering y u didn't order the pizza like ur companion..i guess the reason for its success is its novel location n thats causing a flutter among the locals cos but unless the place has something more extraordinary to offer than what i saw this will just be its 15 minutes of fame before its dismissed as just that expensive place around the corner..good for a one time visit but just too expensive for the kind of food they are serving
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dpac23 - Burrp User


August 23,2009

Awesum place nearby

Its like the only Italian place near Jayanagar. The food is delicious from starters to dessert. Lovely ambiance. The food is also really filling. I went with my friends and it cost us around Rs1000 for the 3 of us. One pizza was enough for us! the nachos r mouth watering. Definitely worth going more often!
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narendasa - Burrp User


August 21,2009


Eurasia, this place is pretty close to where I stay . These guys had a really tough time opening this outlet ! Well now that they are up & running it's good. First impression is the best impression & they have stood by this. It's a warm little place with tastefully done interiors. The USP of this place lies in it's service which is blazingly fast. The food is good which definitely makes you come back, thou the Pizza could use a little help in the improvement department. The desert are definitely something to mention about .
The prices are just about right.
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buddha123 - Burrp User


August 19,2009

Great food

Went here on a whim but was pleasantly surprised. The pizza, rissotto, sundried tomato hummus and falafel wrap were absolutely delicious. Great to have such a place near my home, now no more trips to Koramangala or MG road for mediterranean and Italian food. I strongly recommend this place and will be taking my family to this place again and again.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

August 17,2009

.... and the taste lingers on

It was a Saturday evening, the rain gods were pouring left right and center creating huge traffic jams everywhere and the 4 of us were getting ready to hit the newest restaurant Eurasia in Jayanagar. A franchise of Little Italy, they not only serve the Italian food but also serve the Lebanese, Mongolian and Barbeque. And there?s a good news to all those who love spirits! They serve drinks as well :)

Unfortunately, the day we went, they dint have the Mongolian, Barbeques and the Drinks. We were told, it?ll take a week?s time before they could kick off with it. We?d booked the table but landed up there a little late. Thanks to the traffic jams during the rains. We had to wait for 10 minutes for occupying the table.
It?s a beautiful house being converted to a restaurant. The ground floor has a waiting area and an open dining area. The first floor has both open area and the indoor a/c room. There?s also a floor above this where they have the barbeque counter and the bar area. The décor, furniture and the ambience sets the mood perfect to have a meal like a king.

As we scanned thru the menu card, since it was too cold, 3 of us were in favor of some hot soup and one wanted some mocktail. Since the mocktail asked wasn?t available, she also settled with the soup, we ordered Cream and Mushroom soup for all of us! All the 4 of us love mushroom so much, we could not think of anything else other than this. Along with this, we also ordered some Nachos with Cheese Sauce, Hammus with Pita Bread and Veg Falafel Roll.

The soup came like bliss for the chilly weather. It was lovely, perfect, and creamy with lots of small mushroom chunks and warm ? exactly the way we wanted!
Nachos was a big hit amongst us and we had a competition on who would finish it soon and grab the next piece. All of ended with sharing the equal number of pieces. This was a clear winner. Next it was Sundried Tomato Hummus? chance to try its luck with our palate. Well, I must say, it was good but not great. Or probably the Nachos was so good, its taste was still lingering in our mouths and we did like it but not like Nachos. Next was the Veg Falafel Roll. This wasn?t liked much by us. One of my friends did not even try coz? he?s had enough of Falafel?s in his life. The rest of us did try it but somehow did not take the initiative to grab the second roll. It was good but, definitely not something that could win over our hearts!! Or may be we were so eagerly waiting for our pizzas and pasta to arrive, we dint want to overload our stomachs with anything else.

I remember my last best encounter was the Pasta at Little Italy, Koramangala. They?d served us some amazing Pasta which was a combination of cheese and tomato. Since we could not recollect the name, we asked for something similar and the waiter suggested we should try Pasta Barbaresca. The pasta arrived on the table not making us wait for too long but, looking at it we knew this was not the one we were asking for! But, indeed, this was extremely good and did keep us all totally satisfied. Absolutely no regrets. The juicy creamy sauce in the pasta, the sun dried tomatoes and a few other stuffs made it a heavenly combination. One of my friends also thought of using his fingers to lick it completely.
Then it was the Pizza Sicilia. This actually was a thick crust pizza on the menu card. Since we loved the toppings, we wanted the same on the thin crust pizza. Lovely, mouthful of cheese and perfectly cooked vegetables made a perfect evening for all of us. Though the pizza was oily than required, well none of bothered to care coz? it really did taste Ummm.. well, I?m drooling again. What one can notice here is, the knife given is the regular knife and not the ones which we generally use to cut the bread / pizza. It definitely helped us in cutting the pizzas faster and since the taste was wonderful, we dint bother too much about the cutlery type, shape and size

How could we round off our meals without the dessert? I asked for something and it dint exist that day. We zeroed in on Cream Caramel and Sizzling Chocolate Fudge. Sizzling chocolate fudge was the usual. Not very different from the other places. Good and satisfying. Cream Caramel was excellent to taste. But, if you ask me about the authenticity, with my experience, I?ve learnt the liquid caramel on the top needs to be a little bitter. This was sweet and tasted very good but not authentic.

In the barbeque section of the menu card, I did notice Barbequed Portabella mushroom which I would surely go back for. Wished it was there the day I went there!

It approximately costs Rs.2000 for a meal for four.

Overall, a very satisfying meal for all of us and now that such a restaurant is in this part of Bangalore, this will surely have many more visits from my end. After all, it has let the taste of the food still lingering in me!!
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foodyfoodpecker - Burrp User


August 11,2009

I would walk a mile for the right Pizza..

None of the pizzas I have had in the chain outlets have been right and hence they have walked to me instead...and there lies the story.
Situated exactly a mile from home is this new place...have been awaiting their opening for some time now and had kind of given up assuming the vicissitudes of the economy must have changed the plans of the owners...but what the heck they finally opened. Went there on 8th of August 2009 along with the Missus and the Miss...
Reservations made and arrived on dot...the place was crowded and we were shown to a table in a long room with one AC visible. The place was packed and figured it is going to be no fun in a room full of people with one AC and no ventilation. Did not want to end of smelling of food and mistaken for dinner by the street dogs of the locality once I came out. Asked for and was promptly shown to the terrace and decided to park there.
I am not going into depth into the decor but but to say it will suffice.
Since alcohol was not on offer ordered fresh lime sodas and a spinaci salsa which was our way of testing how much of the Little Italy has been replicated..it was as good as the original. Then came the Sun dried tomatoes hummus served with Pita bread.It was very ordinary with none of the flavours of the sun dried tomato being felt on the palate...only seen. Maybe they were meant to be garnishing only.
Then came the Essence of tomato soup and was judged adequate by the Miss.
For main course we ordered the Margherita Pizza. It was just right. Thin crust pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese in abundance with just the right amount of basil. It was delicious as only truly simple dishes can be and immensely satisfying.
Then came the Risotto Al Forno and here is where I have all my grouse. The Risotto was nowhere near as creamy as it should be. Mind you the creaminess of the risotto is not always a function of the cream or cheese but because of starch in the rice combining with the broth or the sauces when it is cooked just right. Maybe they added cold wine (if they added it that is) to the hot rice shocking it and it remained hard at the core. It was like thick rice in a bad tomato rasam. Maybe risotto is a wrong dish to order in a restaurant as they would be intent on turning over the tables than cooking it for the required amount of time on moderate heat.
We were thinking of desserts and lo and behold our fresh lime soda sweet made it's rather belated appearance thus sparing us of the decision of what to order...this was dessert for us and less billing for the restaurant.

All this cost us Rs.1160 taxes included. I would say not bad.Will I go again ...of course as where else would I be able to walk a mile for a Pizza.
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mysooruboyz - Burrp User


August 10,2009

Good Food

Went there the day they opened for business. Place is done up very well though it feels a little cramped..food is great...service needs to get a little more organized...but it was their first day and that too on a weekend..

Pasta/Pizza - Excellent
Dessert - mmmmmm
Definitely worth a visit...
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