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Food Libraries - Burrp User

Food Libraries

July 28,2013

AMAZING Service!

I'm sitting at China Pearl right now, yet to order. However, I already know that I'm going to have a top notch experience here. Why, you ask? It's thanks to the impression made by the captain, Arun. One. We arrived twenty minutes late, beyond the time they said till which they will hold the table. We had a table being held. Two. We got a table on the first floor. I told Arun that my grandma won't be able to climb the stairs. He immediately requested two already seated parties to move up, and gave us a prime ground floor table. At peak time, 2030 hours on Sunday night. People may call this street food, complain about the noise, but I am sold on the personal attention and service I got even before being seated. Simply amazing.
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Arpit Puri - Burrp User

Arpit Puri

January 31,2013

Average Restaurant & nothing authentic about it

One fine Saturday evening we thought of venturing out for a new restaurant in koramangala. Being a foodie,I thought that, for sure, I have missed out this place big time and its a must visit place.
About the restaurant;
The place (though tagged as an authentic Chinese restaurant) fails completely to impress you in ambiance, this was my first put-off. The menu is not discreet enough to strike a sting with your taste buds.

Service is good and hospitality is good.

Food & Presentation: Though you will find various dishes on the menu with chef special mark, ordering one, would not be a recommend. The taste of dishes are (if I can put it this way) as good as an upmarket road side Chinese corner.

For a food enthusiast/ readers I would rather bet on any other restaurant present in that lane. Somehow this restaurant failed to impress me completely
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raraj74 - Burrp User


November 30,2012

Drunken Monk

This place is a good choice when you are fed up with the other lower cost options for Chinese! Will recommend the Lemon Sea Food Soup, Kim Li Prawns which is their chef's specialty, Drunken Fish (the gravy accompanying this dish is pretty delicious and we always have to order more) which goes well with their burnt garlic rice. They also good enough to do things off their menu like a Crispy Lamb as starters which is really done excellently. Of course better quality comes at a higher price so dont really mind the expense! Service can be slow - most visits there is a long wait for the food to arrive or even a glass of water to get refilled but I guess the food makes up for it!
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Sumedha Swamy - Burrp User

Sumedha Swamy

November 11,2012

love it:)!

china pearl is the place i go if i want excellent soup to lit me up or some good chinese food for me to hog:)! .. i have been goin to china pearl from the past 3 years and not since has it disappointed me:)! my regular order bein manchow soup, dragon chicken, and chicken fried rice/chowmein:)! i love their momos too:)!! .. china pearl is the place for me to go if i crave chinese food:)!
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jungmd - Burrp User


September 15,2012

Consistently good

I've been eating here for the last 3 years. They have maintained their quality consistently. The food is very consistent and competent. It's more like a BMW than an Aston Martin - precise, consistent, if a little bit lacking in flair having said that, Bangalore has a shortage of good Chinese restaurants, and at this time, this is one of the best ones around.
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dsandie - Burrp User


June 16,2012

Value for money , good food.

I have been eating food from here on a constant basis.The food is consistently good. We order through the phone and collect the food mostly , but the ambiance and atmosphere is not bad at all. Its getting costlier every year , but the quality of the food doesn't change.We ordered shaolin sticks,yin yang spring rolls ,veg balls with schezuan gravy, which were all good.I'm vegetarian,so we ordered veg fried rice and veg chowmein which had great portions and was good too.All in all,it was a great meal. I highly recommend this place.
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kirti_sabby - Burrp User


June 13,2012

Nothing to rave about

Having heard such rave reviews about China Pearl, a couple of us decided to give this place a shot. Considering that at 8pm the restraurant had waiting, we could wait to binge. The food was just about ok and really nothing to rave about. We ordered a vegetarian minestone soup that tasted bland and too thin for our liking. The starter chaolin sticks was the saving grace. Coated with garlic and schewan sauce, these veggie finger food was the only respite for our rumbling tummies. The main course was so bad that we felt we made the biggest blunder by coming to China Peal in the 1st place. The dish was vegetarian chinese cantonese noodle. A white sauce base dish, we had trouble gulping them down.

Not just was the food bad, the service was disappointing. It took them 3 reminders to get us our dinner and more than 20 minutes for the bill to come.

My advice, avoid this place uless you crave to eat bland food and have a lot of time to kill.
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