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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Lemon Sea Food Soup, Kim Li Prawns
  • Few people mentioned Saturday eve

Additional remarks from reviews:

improve taste
Lemon Sea Food Soup, Kim Li Prawns which is their
Amazing hospitality
Arun Panday - Burrp User

Arun Panday

June 27,2014

Best Noodles Ever

This is one place to go to and really try their hot soup and then the noodles that put tears in your eyes. A very good place to enjoy that cool and different meal. Service too deserves credit. Going there once a month is a must.
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Aditya Verma - Burrp User

Aditya Verma

January 24,2014

One of the Best Chinese

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Bangalore, China Pearl has excellent schezuan chicken, chopsuey, and fried rice. Even a vegetarian will enjoy their food.
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Food Libraries - Burrp User

Food Libraries

July 28,2013

AMAZING Service!

I'm sitting at China Pearl right now, yet to order. However, I already know that I'm going to have a top notch experience here. Why, you ask? It's thanks to the impression made by the captain, Arun.

One. We arrived twenty minutes late, beyond the time they said till which they will hold the table. We had a table being held.

Two. We got a table on the first floor. I told Arun that my grandma won't be able to climb the stairs. He immediately requested two already seated parties to move up, and gave us a prime ground floor table. At peak time, 2030 hours on Sunday night.

People may call this street food, complain about the noise, but I am sold on the personal attention and service I got even before being seated. Simply amazing.
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Jibitesh Mallick - Burrp User

Jibitesh Mallick

May 23,2013

Overhyped And False Rated Average Place

This place has okay food. For the price of fine dine you get normal street food. I would say they should improve their taste. Some soups and dishes don't even taste good. Avoid going here unless you are desperate to eat Chinese. Please check your bill before paying.
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Blorebites - Burrp User


May 01,2013

Best in Koramanagala

When I think of Chinese in Koramangala, it's China Pearl that always comes to my mind. Good food, fast service,cause this place is always crowded, and good portions. It is a bit irritating to stand in queque outside the restaurant , waiting for a table on weekends. I like the Kimchi and the cucumber sticks that is served as a quick bite. I mainly stick to chicken here and the food is good
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

February 26,2013

"The Drunken Fish anyone??"

This place is a good choice when you are fed up with the upmarket Chinese! Will recommend the Lemon Sea Food Soup, Kim Li Prawns which is their chef's specialty, Drunken Fish!!! Crispy Lamb as starters which is really done excellently :) Lemon Sea Food Soup, Kim Li Prawns which is their chef's specialty,
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sashni - Burrp User


February 26,2013

Waiting to go back

Glad we finally made it to China pearl once fine evening. And came out totally satisfied with the culinary experience :)
The Asparagus and Lemon clear soup, Curly Potato for starter (amazing dish i must say), Golden fried baby cors (an all time classic), veggie chowmein, soothing chinese tea. A great meal with some good service. Loved the fact that the Vegetarian menu is clearly separated from the rest in the menu card - makes it much easier for veggies to sift and choose.
The portions are large - good if one goes in a larger group to savour a lot more varieties. Will be bak soon
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rohitbhansali92 - Burrp User


February 12,2013

Value for money

Authentic -No..Food is customised for Indian tastes.Amazing commitment at maintaining a clean and Hygienic restaurant..650 for a meal for 2 is Definitely Value for money.Yep!Equal options for Veg and non-veg food.Wouldnt say its the best but surely very high in that list.
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Arpit Puri - Burrp User

Arpit Puri

January 31,2013

Average Restaurant & nothing authentic about it

One fine Saturday evening we thought of venturing out for a new restaurant in koramangala. Being a foodie,I thought that, for sure, I have missed out this place big time and its a must visit place.
About the restaurant;
The place (though tagged as an authentic Chinese restaurant) fails completely to impress you in ambiance, this was my first put-off. The menu is not discreet enough to strike a sting with your taste buds.

Service is good and hospitality is good.

Food & Presentation: Though you will find various dishes on the menu with chef special mark, ordering one, would not be a recommend. The taste of dishes are (if I can put it this way) as good as an upmarket road side Chinese corner.

For a food enthusiast/ readers I would rather bet on any other restaurant present in that lane. Somehow this restaurant failed to impress me completely
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Subhajit Pal - Burrp User

Subhajit Pal

January 30,2013

The best Chinese in the town

Well, visited this place not less than 50 times in last 4 years and never got disappointed.

The quality and quantity : both are awesome for the price.

My all time favorite is Mixed Cantonese Noodles .

The ambience is nice , actually this place is always crowded even in weekdays. Guess that tells the story .
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Kanupriya Aggarwal Goyal - Burrp User

Kanupriya Aggarwal Goyal

January 18,2013


excellent food,great ambience,excellent service,well priced,worth a visit...
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taste_buddy - Burrp User


January 05,2013

Good - Try Thai food here

Good ambiance and good food. The highlight is the Thai cuisine here. Rates are quite decent and NOT expensive. Courteous staffs too. Overall, recommended and I will be a repeat customer. Try to reserve seats or reach there before rush hour.
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xiendas - Burrp User


January 04,2013

excellent resturant

never once this resturant has disappointed me. very clean. waiters are very cheerful.
food is good.
only issue is that it is too crowded and one have to wait 30+ minutes sometime.
seems like resturant uses quality products as we have never felt bad stomack after eating it.
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sri00 - Burrp User


December 25,2012

Ok, was better

Went to lunch as a group, food was OK. I have been here before, I felt it wasn't as good as it was couple of years back. 2-3 items we ordered almost tasted same & no one like the thai flat noodle!
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shanesyd - Burrp User


December 16,2012

Good food!! long waiting time

the food is good however it takes hrs to get the food on the table or even to get a take away.
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raraj74 - Burrp User


November 30,2012

Drunken Monk

This place is a good choice when you are fed up with the other lower cost options for Chinese! Will recommend the Lemon Sea Food Soup, Kim Li Prawns which is their chef's specialty, Drunken Fish (the gravy accompanying this dish is pretty delicious and we always have to order more) which goes well with their burnt garlic rice. They also good enough to do things off their menu like a Crispy Lamb as starters which is really done excellently. Of course better quality comes at a higher price so dont really mind the expense! Service can be slow - most visits there is a long wait for the food to arrive or even a glass of water to get refilled but I guess the food makes up for it!
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Ravi M - Burrp User

Ravi M

November 20,2012

Worth A visit

Roaming around Kormangla, looking for Chinese ? This place is worth a visit. However, once they had messed up the Veg order with some prawns and chicken in it
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Sumedha Swamy - Burrp User

Sumedha Swamy

November 11,2012

love it:)!

china pearl is the place i go if i want excellent soup to lit me up or some good chinese food for me to hog:)! .. i have been goin to china pearl from the past 3 years and not since has it disappointed me:)! my regular order bein manchow soup, dragon chicken, and chicken fried rice/chowmein:)! i love their momos too:)!! .. china pearl is the place for me to go if i crave chinese food:)!
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rahulbirla - Burrp User


October 02,2012

Chinese treat...

Need a few lines to sum-up. Have been here numerous times. And the food taste and quality has been consistent. They have amazing variety, it tastes yummy and is value for money. we have come to place on weekends and weekdays and have always seen it full. Best of the lot...makes me remember Chinese in Tangra in Kolkata.
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jungmd - Burrp User


September 15,2012

Consistently good

I've been eating here for the last 3 years. They have maintained their quality consistently. The food is very consistent and competent. It's more like a BMW than an Aston Martin - precise, consistent, if a little bit lacking in flair.
having said that, Bangalore has a shortage of good chinese restaurants, and at this time, this is one of the best ones around.
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rokotiko - Burrp User


August 22,2012

Excellent food and service!

I love going to this place and always order Momos for appetizers. They have really yummy Indian-Chinese and the service is great!
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Devesh Agarwal - Burrp User

Devesh Agarwal

August 12,2012

A great place for authentic Chinese food

Have been going to China Pearl since it first opened in early 2002.

If you have a craving for authentic Chinese food, away from the traditional Hakka Noodles, Chicken Fried Rice, and Some Chicken in a spicy gravy, this is the place to go.

I recommend the Cantonese Chow Mein or Cantonese Chicken Rice. Try the vegetable Chow Fa Ku for a great aromatic stir fry with chinese veggies and black / shitake mushrooms. Off the menu, ask them for a simple Bok Choy stir fry. The Black Mushroom soup. I intersperse these aromatic but bland foods with a Lat Kay Fa (Chicken with Lime and Chilli) or a Toh Si Kay (Chicken in a dry hot bean coating), but tell you server, no batter and no chilli, there is enough spice even without it.

If possible, seek out the restaurant manager, a big tall guy named Arun. Ask him for recommendations.
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sajuvn - Burrp User


August 02,2012

Great food, prompt service.

I went with my family to this restaurant in Koramangala.
The food we ordered arrived promptly, eventhough the restaurant had a good amount of crowd.
The dishes we ordered, including the appetizers was elegant and felt light and not overly done.

Excellent place, keep it up.
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dsandie - Burrp User


June 16,2012

Value for money , good food.

I have been eating food from here on a constant basis.The food is consistently good. We order through the phone and collect the food mostly , but the ambiance and atmosphere is not bad at all. Its getting costlier every year , but the quality of the food doesn't change.We ordered shaolin sticks,yin yang spring rolls ,veg balls with schezuan gravy, which were all good.I'm vegetarian,so we ordered veg fried rice and veg chowmein which had great portions and was good too.All in all,it was a great meal. I highly recommend this place.
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kirti_sabby - Burrp User


June 13,2012

Nothing to rave about

Having heard such rave reviews about China Pearl, a couple of us decided to give this place a shot. Considering that at 8pm the restraurant had waiting, we could wait to binge. The food was just about ok and really nothing to rave about. We ordered a vegetarian minestone soup that tasted bland and too thin for our liking. The starter chaolin sticks was the saving grace. Coated with garlic and schewan sauce, these veggie finger food was the only respite for our rumbling tummies. The main course was so bad that we felt we made the biggest blunder by coming to China Peal in the 1st place. The dish was vegetarian chinese cantonese noodle. A white sauce base dish, we had trouble gulping them down.

Not just was the food bad, the service was disappointing. It took them 3 reminders to get us our dinner and more than 20 minutes for the bill to come.

My advice, avoid this place uless you crave to eat bland food and have a lot of time to kill.
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Dhritul Gupta - Burrp User

Dhritul Gupta

May 05,2012

Just Average

I had gone to china pearl last week with a friend since there was quite a lot of hype about this place and i would say that i wasnt exactly satisfied. For starters i heard it was a quiet and romantic place for dinner but when i entered it happened to be a little too noisy for my taste but that was not all that much of an issue. Now to the food, prices were quite reasonable for a place of its standard. We ordered the mixed seafood fried rice along with honey crisp fried chicken and hunan chicken. THe food i would say was satisfactory and nothing out of the ordinary. The servings were plenty but i just could not receive the actual chinese flavours on my taste buds. Another put off was the time they took to serve these 3 dishes i.e.almost an hour. We could not stay for desert since we did not have enough time after the tiime they took for the main course. Over all i would say it was a satisfactory experience and nothin out of the ordinary. Not exactly a place i would go out of the way to visit.
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AdiDash - Burrp User


April 07,2012

Good times

If you are into Chinese food dis is one of the places you must get to in Bangalore. Its has a good ambiance a disciplined and courteous staff. Good food at resonable prices. what more to ask for, Ive been here more than a couple times and every time has been a very good experience...
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Aseem  - Burrp User


March 10,2012

Not a great place at all

Went to China Pearl to have dinner on 2nd March for dinner after reading burrp reviews saying the food is nice and is worth the money.

Well my experience did not turn out so good.
Ordered a soup - Veg Jade Soup. The server said that it is made of spinach. When I tasted the soup I just did not get any hint of spinach, neither in the taste or in the smell. It was a very thick soup and was tasting only of cornflour. It was like a serving of cornflour mixed in hot water. Had 2-3 spoons of it and left it like.

Ordered Veg Lat Lo Chowmien and this one also was nothing great. There was only one flavor that I was getting the taste off and it was so strong that the taste of all other veggies could not be distinguished.

So food gets 1/5 star
Ambiance was also okay okay types and nothing great about the service also.
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naveen8549 - Burrp User


February 24,2012

Awesome chinese food

After reading some of the previous reviews I decided to give it a try. We went on a weekday just to avoid the weekend craze rush and to my amazing it was equally crowded. We order the spicy crab soup along with the nanking prawns along with the famous wontons. Each of the morgel was superb in flavours and taste. The prawns were really wonderful and is highly recommended. In the main course we ordered the mixed fried rice & a portion of crab meat balls with hanung sauce. The Fried rice was a heaven. However we found the crab meat balls a little hard & the hanung sauce a little sour, but the taste was good.
A must visit restaurant...
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shilpa882 - Burrp User


February 06,2012

best Chinese place ever!

I signed up on burrp! specially to write about china pearl! because I could'nt resist telling everyone how great this restaurant is. I went there yesterday with my 4 yr old son and my husband and his parents and other relatives.
By the time we arrived at 8:45pm it was jam packed and we were scared we wouldn't be able to get a table as we hadn't called for reservations. Anyway we waited outside as they provided us with comfy chairs to sit on.
Finally we got our table and my husband was doing all the ordering while I was trying to contain my son's excitement when he was given a special high chair and a set of 'spongebob squarepants' plate/spoon.
We ordered Asparagus soup and hot and sour soup (btw the hot and sour soup was brilliant compared to all the other hot and sour soups i have had) and for starters we had the Red Dragon chicken and butterfly prawns and also hot garlic crab ball which were heavenly! The jade rice (pallak flavored) with chicken hunan for main course along with flat noodles and a dish (i could not get the name :P) which had a mini 'wok' on the table. The chopsuey portion was huge! and we were all really stuffed and getting delirious by the end of it. Not to mention the friendly staff and the impeccable service we got despite the place being full. As my husband's uncle pointed out - 'explosions of taste in the mouth and the satisfaction after eating was like watching fireworks of those explosions' ! we all had a good time enjoying and laughing. the only thing that I didn't like was maybe the music which was kind of like a buzz in the background or it could be because of the crowd. anyway to top the cake with the cherry my husband used his amex card and got a further 15% discount !
and till this morning all his relatives were still raving about the food and the good time they had yesterday which obviously made my husband the "hero of the week"! Thank you China Pearl!
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

December 26,2011

Average! Better places to go!

Went there on a Friday lunch. Heard a lot about it, but it was a letdown comparitively.

Due to its location, it was quite full on Friday and as expected almost every table was filled due to corporate lunch. I hardly saw any families or some one having lunch for leisure.

What we ordered -

Wanton Soup
Crispy Paneer(Hot Garlic Sauce)
Babycorn in Szechwan Sauce
Ginger Garlic Burnt Fried Rice
Fresh Lime Soda

Total tab - 800 INR

Service was good. Ambience wise its ok, nothing too extravagant nothing too frugal. Though its a bit jaded, like one of those places which has been there forever.

Many places have weekdays buffet lunch, I couldn't find any such thing here.

Soup was nice, crispy paneer was sweet...as per the name - hot garlic sauce, was expecting more spicy.

Babycorn also was very sweet...being Szechwan its unacceptable.

When i asked the waiter he said, here everything is more inclined towards Sweet taste! So keep in mind while visiting.

Garlic fried rice was as expected, very difficult to go wrong with this one.

If food is not enjoyable i will never visit it again. china pearl is one such place.

Food being right is top most priority, everything else is secondary!
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1maas - Burrp User


December 15,2011

Worth a revisit

The good:
1. Good food - Soft, tasty Momos and excellent variety of soup. Tried only veg. food though. Steamed rice and chopsuey aren't so great but are served in good quantity
2. Great service - service is quick and the staff seem to know what they recommend
3. Cool ambience- comfy
4. Moderately priced

Nothing bad or ugly :)
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debo123 - Burrp User


December 13,2011

Amazing Food!

Went out for lunch at china pearl for the second time and yes it was worth it! Food was really good loved the Crab preparations...its a bit on the higher side nevertheless we were happy and content with the quality and quantity of the food ;-)
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Prasanna Revan - Burrp User

Prasanna Revan

December 08,2011

Best chinese food in Koramangala!

The location, ambience and the food are all great! Four stars for that :-)

Service is careless and there is a long waiting period (20 mins+) if you have not reserved earlier.
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tupai - Burrp User


December 05,2011

Standard going down

A very good Bangalore old time Chinese restaurant going down...
The place is always crowded... and as a result, service is really suffering...
The food is still good, but have deteriorated considerably... but management should pay some attention, that customers need good service to be loyal...
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foodieblr1 - Burrp User


November 27,2011

Downfall has started

Used to be a good Chinese restaurant (for Indian taste buds), but is going downhill. The management is to unable to take care of anything at this place. Frankly, I guess they are not bothered ,considering a lot of ppl come here everyday. I went there last night with my family . The starter -cauliflower manchurian- was half cooked and when we informed the folks there, they insisted that it was cooked properly . There was no remorse regret or replacements from their side. Even entrees were bland (according to what we used to have here , same dish different taste). And finally the bill, the staff were showing hand signals to us informing that they will get the bill , as If I am their friend, height of incompetence. And then a wait of 15mins for the bill. I was just happy to be out and ashamed , as I suggested that place for dinner with my family. Thanks to you, Mr. Manager of China Pearl. Frankly, buddy if you need to increase prices, please do that by all means but t have impeccable service and taste.
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Anshuman Chaurasia - Burrp User

Anshuman Chaurasia

November 20,2011

Chinese Chaska !!

Can easily be described as best chinese joint in the town... costlier than Beijing Bites or Chung Wah but the taste sets it apart from its counter part... american choupsey is a must.... A must visit place for Chinese lovers
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Pinky Borah - Burrp User

Pinky Borah

October 19,2011

Excellent chinese food

I have been there more than a couple of times. The best chinese restaurant I have been to and it's quite easy on the pockets too. It is so popular that it is always full.
The food is worth the wait and the service really good.
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dr_a2 - Burrp User


September 29,2011

one of my favourite chinese restaurent

on a scale of ten
value for money-8
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carolyn013 - Burrp User


September 28,2011

Best Chinese in Bangalore

The food here is delicious,have been going here ever since I was a child.
The service and ambience is excellent.
I love the American Chopsuey and momos here,the soups are also pretty good.
You could also try the Satay Chicken with the peanut sauce.
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Nithin Johny - Burrp User

Nithin Johny

July 25,2011

one of the best chinese food...

when it come to Chinese food the first place comes to my mind is china pearl. food is excellent here, they got some variety Chinese dishes and they are delicious. The staff is welcoming and the service is good. Menu is moderately priced. Ambiance is pleasant. The place will be mostly queued up and you will have to wait especially in the weekends to get a table.
I think they don't have booking there.
If you love Chinese food, should try this place.
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Vipruta Vagadiya - Burrp User

Vipruta Vagadiya

March 23,2011

very good food

we visited ths place last week only.. superb place even for toddlers alos as special seats for them also...n the ambiance was really good we enjoyed the food as well with light music playing behind.. the food is really worth the money...hope to visit again....
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arunn - Burrp User


January 01,2011

Not going back!

Difficult to find parking but once you do and get in the ambience is good, your expectations rise only to be let down. There are a number of other options around that I would chose before this one.
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poulomi roy - Burrp User

poulomi roy

December 30,2010

good...chinese and perfect decor

loved it. food was good...though on the spicier side. but good for those who prefer to lift their moods with spicy chinese. ambience nd decor is good. cozy nd spacious on two levels. only drawback. being indians, we asked for onion salad. they said ther are not serving plain onion salad ..even for a cost. may be price of onions on th higher side..cd b the reason!!
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epicure007 - Burrp User


December 12,2010

Scope for improvement

Had been to China Pearl a few weeks back and came back with very mixed views about the place.

It was on a Tuesday dinner and the reasonable crowd should be a very good indicator that this is a popular place. I had to wait for around ten minutes to get a place. Of course since I was alone, that may have something to do with it since restaurants try their bets to give tables to the larger groups first

Anyway, I started my meal with a sweet corn soup and Thai Fried Chicken. I would say that the soup was disappointing. Considering its as commonplace as water, I would expected it to be better. There was too much ajinomoto in it and the sweet corn chunks were too less in number. The Thai Chicken hardly tasted of Lemon Sauce which is typical to this dish, but it was hot and spicy

Thinking what to order I went with a recommendation and tried the Drunken Chicken with Szechwan Fried Chicken Rice. I was asked to repeat the order again, so imagine my surprise to be served Chicken Chow Mein instead. I tried to bring it to the notice of the manager who seemed rather reluctant to replace it so I went ahead. It was typical Chow Mein so not much to complain there as far as taste. The Drunken Chicken had no trace of the home-made rice wine which the menu speaks of

So overall, there is a clear way to go on both food and service to make this place better. But I suppose they are not too worried going by the crowd who seem to have a lower expectation from them in any case
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chinesefan - Burrp User


November 23,2010

Nice place for good Indo-Chinese fare

Obviously the most popular Chinese restaurant in Koramangala considering the crowd that visits here. Had been there for a business lunch a couple of months back. The Menu is huge and people looking for variety will not be disappointed. However, the food caters to fans of Indo-Chinese food. We had ordered Kim Li Prawns, which was spicy and good for starters. Skipped the soup & ordered Mixed Fried Rice with fish Ball in Szechwan style and my fried ordered Hot garlic prawns. While the main course was good, what struck me odd was, both the sauces tasted oddly similar.
The Rice was ok and went well with the sauces.
Overall, a good joint for people who like to eat Indo-Chinese fare.
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Natasha  - Burrp User


October 26,2010

Nice and Yummy

Obviously doesn't serve your quintessential Chinese food but does a good job with the Indo-Chinese cuisine - we Bangaloreans have gotten to adore and enjoy.
I always have their dragon chicken (dry), tofu with stir fried veggies and jade fried rice. Can be a little pricey if compared to the other Indo-Chinese places in the city but you do get a better seating environment and service.
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

October 04,2010

best for the price

I am a college student and for the money at my dispose China Pearl gives the best chinese food. Infact the food is brilliant and the price is just an added benefit.
The menu is big and most of it is great. Some things such as the red dragon chicken, shredded chicken and chopsuey are great.
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alanjoro - Burrp User


September 14,2010

Good chinese

Had passed by this place a few times, wanted to try it sometime. Finally took my wife out on her birthday.

Had Lat Kay fa and i think the other item was golden fried prawns. Both the items were good. Blue heaven is a lime soda with blue color. Nat Su Kay was bland but Chicken fried rice was good. Overall a good experience. Definitely recommended.

Noticed the Burrp certificate on the door :)
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Anuraag  - Burrp User


July 22,2010

Pearl....Def not a gem

It seemed a perfect place for a friend's send-off. The maitre'd was courteous and the coke we ordered arrived before we could blink. But for me, the food was the problem. The Lung Fung soup was a little different from what I had elsewhere and I prefer the other restaurants' versions. The golden fried prawns were huge tiger prawns with their tails intact and fried in a somewhat tasteless batter. The main course was a burnt chicken fried rice with garlic and a chicken in Hunan sauce both of which were good. We had also ordered a vegetarian dish which had both rice and vegetables combined and seemed pretty good. The dessert though was again a disappointment with the mousse being served really cold and hard. Total tab came up to 1080 for 3 people which is quite ok. Serving times though are definitely on the higher side. On the whole, an okayish place but burrp certified material....hmmmmm !!!!!
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Sanjay  - Burrp User


May 27,2010

Xie Xie Ni

Best Chinese place I've been to so far...I forgot what I ordered but there was a huge group of locals and foreigners alike grubbing down...always a good sign for a place to eat.

Go here if you wanna impress a date, a colleague, or your stomach. My only complaint...90RS for rice?? Bu Hao!
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Bonne Soori - Burrp User

Bonne Soori

May 27,2010

Moderate and good place...!

We choose this place while we aearching for a restaurant. Good place we got n enjoyed dinner ....! Price reasonable, Good stuff on Main Course, specially the sea food.
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foodforfood - Burrp User


April 21,2010

one of the best restaurant

Talk about eating out and the first place that comes to my mind is China Pearl.. Everything just seems to be perfect, the interiors, food, service and of course the cleanliness. Just before i forget i want to congratulate them on winning the most liked restaurant, they definitely deserve it. Way to go China Pearl.
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GayathriB - Burrp User


April 02,2010

Not good

Let me start as to why we went here, it was my friend’s birthday and we decided to go for dinner and zeroed in on China pearl. The beginning was good, we cut the cake and were having a good time and placed the order for our starters, while we chatted and waited for our food to arrive the waiter asked us to be seated in a different table as he had a bigger crowd , we politely obliged as we hadn’t started our food. but the seat he provided was very uncomfortable and difficult to make conversation, After that came our food, everything was going well, we liked the food when suddenly a small cockroach appeared from the basket where the momo was placed, My god how disgusted we were and we were already done with our starters by now, we dint move on to the main course, they dint charge us for the momo and apologized profoundly but it was not really worth it.
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kesprit - Burrp User


March 20,2010

Good but not Great

I've been to China Pearl twice now. Both times the food was pretty good. Certainly nowhere near the best Chinese Food I've ever had. In fact, as an earlier reviewer mentions, it's not REALLY Chinese food. Think of it as a local band performing covers of a popular band's music. It's fun. Sometimes it's even really good. It's just not the real thing.

I've tried a few different dishes and the only menu item that I feel is worth mentioning specifically is the Chicken Hot and Sour Soup. Now, Hot and Sour soup shouldn't be a difficult thing for restaurants to make but for some reason, most restaurants manage to screw it up. It's either flavorless or too salty. China Pearl gets it just right.

I haven't tried their home delivery yet but I may give it a shot sometime soon.
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Raptor76 - Burrp User


March 19,2010

Great Chinese Food!!

China Pearl has done very well in keeping the quality of food at a high standard. The service is very good as well. Keep it up guys!!
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Raveesh Kulshrestha - Burrp User

Raveesh Kulshrestha

March 05,2010

One of the better chinese in Bangalore

The interiors are not great or anything. Its just a restaurant made for people with good appetite for food to enjoy their chinese.
The service is prompt, the quantity great and the price moderate making it a value for money. The food is not very authentic, but yes its decent. Has a decent menu too.

Over all combination of price + quantity + service + food make it worth a chinese experience.
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Abhijeet Sinha - Burrp User

Abhijeet Sinha

February 21,2010

Good food !!

I was really amazed :)
Food was served promptly. Was good in quantity. I was with seven other friends of mine and the bill did't burnt a hole in your pocket - very economical. There must be others who will charge gold for the same food.
I liked the service, the food. Arrived at what I would say perfect time, at 8:00 on saturday, by the time we were leaving there was a huge rush and people were lined up even outside the restaurant.
I will definitely recommend China Pearl to people who want to try out Chinese.
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kiranrastogi - Burrp User


February 12,2010

Ok chinese or whatever

I had heard a lot of things about this place. Got to get here last week. Decent looking place with decent crowd. Average food, it did not exceed my expectation.... it was not bad, but I have had better ( I would say it was commercially popular cooking, but not chinese)
Service: Slow
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SSK  - Burrp User


January 22,2010

Must Try!!

Agree to most reviews here which say that there is nothing extraordinary about this place which would seem inviting. However, it doesn’t need to play any gimmicks since the food here talks about the place itself…in short the food is delicious.

Am not exactly a sea food fan so will not be able to recommend anything for the sea food lovers. But all you Non-Vegetarians, given a chance do try the Chicken Szechuan with gravy and also the Hunan chicken. I like honey shredded potatoes as well but it has a unique taste & may not exactly be everyone’s dream dish. Soups are good and the dumplings are amazing though slightly over priced for the quantity they serve. For those who like their momos with ketchup, instead try it with the sweet garlic sauce.

Service is good, ambience even better, fit for a decent Chinese restaurant (at least doesn’t look like those overdone Indian restaurants which try so hard to dress the place with Chinese lamps & paintings with Chinese folks to make it look like an authentic Chinese joint).

Food for 2 with 2-3 dishes would cost around 500-600 bucks.
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rushI  - Burrp User


December 29,2009

My Fav. Chienese joint

How could have I missed the review of China Pearl. This is my absolute favourite. If it is chienese food, it's gotta be China Pearl.
I have visited this place the most among all teh resturants in Bangalore, perhaps min. once or twice a month.
My fav here is Shaolin sticks, Autum Rice, and nearly any gravy or noodles depending on the mood of the day. Drangon's Punch is a nice different drink, it just ight get too sweet for few.
Service and Ambience is nothing to rave about, it's very normal, but if it is food you are looking for, this is definetly the place
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November 30,2009

Good Chienese

Visited this place last Saturday (nov 28, 2009) and found the food to be good. The menu is wide spread, suggestions were good and the quality even better. The service is also pretty fast while the cost will not create a hole in your pocket.
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Sid Iyer - Burrp User

Sid Iyer

November 26,2009

Good place to eat Chinese

There is nothing special about China pearl which calls for a person to go there. But once you head there, it suprises you with the quality of food, variety and service. Been there twice and loved what ever i ordered. The service is fast and the food tastly. Overall a good place to have some good chinese.
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epicure007 - Burrp User


September 12,2009

What is the fuss about?

Being new to Koramangala - I have started working here recently and also staying quite close - I was told by my colleagues that China Pearl was a regular place they go to. I was also told that we needed to leave early to get there because it was invariably crowded. Sounded good and it was one of my lets-go-with-the-flow days, so I fell for the bait

Alas! This place is over-rated. I have a feeling that they have had some great days before. They say its the oldest Chinese place roundabouts. But they need a makeover. The place is cramped. I can smell the other chaps. The menu was rather long and when I chose something which sounded different - it came to my plate - tasted good enough ( that explains the three stars), but it tasted like Kung Bao Chicken - not what the menu said.

I had ordered some momos in teh beginning which had very thick flour and left a lot to be desired. The Clear Soup was great though and so were the sauces. The fried rice was quite nice as well - but the main course was bad and I had also had enough of smelling my next table man's armpit as well

Overall, go there only if you want quick service and just about anything on your table is OK. basically, run-on-the-mill Chinese - not extraordinary at all
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Aaron Lazarus - Burrp User

Aaron Lazarus

August 29,2009

Simply the Best

Not too many places can match up to this. The appetisers, the main course and the desserts are way too delicious and the service is really good and the only sad part is it is mostly crowded everyday aft 20:00...
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chefbynyt - Burrp User


August 11,2009

Trip to china!

Okie...lets c.. to start with this is a small restaurant that seems too homely and unpretentious to be serving food that is this mouth watering!! But.. ya..forgive the owner for the poor decor, the minuscule sitting area and the tacky upholstery and you will find yourself wanting to thank the owner (or rather the chef) for making this place!!
Its a tiny gem of a restaurant..serving you a long list of appetising and mouth watering chinese food that is not coated in cornflour and ketchup!!
The appetizers are absolutely yummy.. a personal favourite being the chicken lat kay fa.. i think out of the 8 times that i have visited this place, i have had it everytime and it always tastes just as good!!
I wouldn't suggest it to anyone looking for a sophisticated dinner or lunch place as the decor, service and even the upholstery and cutlery are way too humble and modest!!
But go for it like I do.. just for a casual dinner on one of those weekdays when you are too tired from work.. and you will find it well worth the small amount of money spent!
A meal for two costs around Rs.700.. and that I think is a low price to pay for a meal of such wonderful taste and proportion!!
kudos to CP....!!
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Nandini Aravind - Burrp User

Nandini Aravind

July 01,2009

Chinese Whisper!!!

This review as been featured in June 17th Femina.

A scrumptious Chinese feast
Treat yourself to a delicious Chinese fare that will entice your taste buds for more.

Name: - "China Pearl" a favorite haunt in South Bangalore.

Where: - 53/1, 5th Cross Koramangala, Bangalore- 560095

Cuisine: China Pearl specializes in Hakka Chinese food which will undoubtedly keep you coming back for more.
Ambiance: One of the oldest restaurants that hasn't changed in its taste but only expanded to accommodate more guests. Pleasant and warm with red being the main color palette. There are Chinese artifacts and huge Chinese earthen pots placed in the corners. The seating arrangement is comfy and elegant at the same time.

Service: Any given day it would take roughly 15-20 minutes to get a table, once you do the service is excellent and brisk. You also have an option to place you?re order as you wait.
What we ate & drank:
We skipped the soups started our way to the appetizers from an appealing list of veg, non-veg & seafood options. We had the "crackling spinach" which as the name suggest was crispy fried spinach strips. Then we moved our way to "Red dragon chicken" that hit the right taste buds it is chicken marinated in their special Chef's spicy sauce, which was well balanced. We also had the Shaolin sticks which are minced vegetables secured on a stick, fried and tossed in chilly garlic Shaolin sauce; it was quite toothsome. All appetizers were served with chilli sauce and famous kimchi a usual in this particular restaurant.
The main menu was a good selection of veg and non-veg delicacies. We had the Autumn veg gravy; a dish with all veggies in a subtle veg sauce, also Drunken chicken gravy a dish made with home-made rice wine. We also tried Jade rice (which is spinach flavored rice) it was delectable. Though they don't serve alcohol you wont miss it, since they have a quite a beverage menu to chose from, we tried the "Dragon Punch" which unlike to usual punches that are offered in other restaurants was green in color. Also the Chinese tea was quite good. We were asked to keep some place for desserts in the beginning of our meal and hence we did and too our delight we were given the most scrumptious "sizzling brownie" dabbed with chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce dripping from it, we tried the crispy honey tossed datsun? with vanilla ice cream. They also have some heavenly pastries and mousses as well.

What we would eat again: Almost everything but for sure the "Red dragon chicken" the jade rice with Hunan chicken gravy and not to mention the dragon punch and ?sizzling brownie? that was out of this world.
Price points: The portions are quite good. A meal for two with a drink and dessert would come up to anywhere between 800/- to 900/-. This is surely one place you would love going back again.

Nandini Aravind
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dyw936 - Burrp User


June 25,2009

the place for a good Chinese meal

u know how good their food is when u arrive at their restaurant, even on a week day u've got to wait for a table and mind u its not a small restaurant they seat upto 250 people at a time..Their Kim Lee prawns , Dragon Chicken, Shau Nuk, Prawn the Shu Mai are just fantastic.. its a meal worth its price..
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sharchandran - Burrp User


June 20,2009


i've been to the China Pearl around 4-5 times.

The food is brilliant. Probably the best chinese food I've had in Bangalore. Dishes that I tried out


1) Red Dragon Chicken - The best starter i've had so far.

2) Kim Li Prawns - A bit too bland.

Main Course - Chicken Fried Rice - Amazing

Autumn Rice - Terrible ( Supposed to be a chef;s recommendation )

Kung Pao Chicken - Very good.

Shaolin Sticks - Treat for the veggies

The reason I hav given only 3 stars is their service which I found to be "not so friendly". Reason being

1) They are not willing to go slightly beyond the menu ( beyond meaning to boil a potato ) even for the sake of an infant who cannot eat anything in the menu. I found this lady arguing to the waiter and the head waiter or whoever he was just refused to boil the potato despite the lady saying that she would pay for it any rate they charged for a potato dish !!!!
Customer service seemed to be missing for some reason i dint figure out as yet.

2) Home delivery - I called them and asked for a home delivery to my place thats hardly a 100 metres for forum, and they're like they have a new delivery boy that does not know the place!!!! sheeesh.. definitely not recommended for home delivery.

Besides that .. the food is amazing.. worth a visit..:) maybe more than one visit.

Please do make reservations.. or u'll find yourself seated in a few plastic chairs placed outside the restaurant :)

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pamin - Burrp User


May 24,2009

Good Food

No doubts when we look at enterance of china pearll, its not that inviting. Food wise; one of the best chinese food in bangalore. we tried hot n sour soup, chicken satay, veg hakka noodles, veg balls in hot garlic sauce. all of them were just too good. good service and they give sepearte plate for kids, which was quite exciting for my 3 year old. our bill came around 500/- which was decent for a saturday afternoon lunch, though desserts menu was tempting, but we were too full to eat even 1 extra spoon of anything. overall, good food, good service and a nice family restaurant. thumbs up !!!
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Muha Khundrakpam - Burrp User

Muha Khundrakpam

May 22,2009

Not that great

Ok, the food is good here. Other than that, there is nothing special. Half of the floor is concrete. The entrance is not properly maintained. The lighting is not that great. It looks like a very old restaurant with good food but with no attention to the place. Yes, If you are looking only for good Chinese food then this is a good place to be.
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Paavalan KM - Burrp User

Paavalan KM

March 16,2009

Chinese @ Its best

Lemme put it in simple words. This is one place where you get the best Chinese food in Bangalore.The food is just awesome.
I can list out a few delicious items on the starters that i found to be mouth-watering.

*.Crispy Threaded Chicken
*.Chicken with Pickled Ginger
*.Chilly Prawn Manchurian
*.Crispy Fish

P.S: The Food Rocks here.
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jagannathks - Burrp User


January 27,2009

Decent Chinese food

Had been here for Office parties & Family treats. Decent Place & Food is pretty good.
Service , Decor is good(usual). Good for people in the Koramangala areas. Late Night takeaways are also good.
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Alfadawg - Burrp User


January 27,2009

Best Chinese Restaurant in Koramangala

Consistency is a commodity short in supply when it come to many good restaurants. This is why i appreciate CP, because they have remained consistent in terms of their quality and taste since they have opened.
Its not a large restaurant and they do not have any other branches, but ever since my good friend took me there a few years ago, i cannnot stop raving about it.
The Chicken momo's are the best i have eaten in bangalore. I can eat three portions at one go..easy...trust me, you can too, its that good...make sure you get a generous dip in the Chilli Sauce before u dig in.
Otherwise i order pretty standard chinese fare, and i like the fact that they do not use MSG.
One good indicator of chinese food well done is the take away factor, in fact i do a lot of take aways from CP. You know its good when the next day, the Shaghai Fried rice tastes even better than yesterday and when the Chilli Chicken gravy is not a glutinous mass of corn flour when it comes off the fridge.
I will suggest it to all folks in Koramangala and around, as the best there is.
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food_lover - Burrp User


December 10,2008

Best Chinese food

this is my favourite and am sorry i did no go there and preferred Yo China :(

The food is really good, the staff courteous and the price very reasonable, to top it all the ambiance is good as well.
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freelunch - Burrp User


October 01,2008

Great Chinese food!

China Pearl must be one of the best places to get Chinese food. Reasonably priced, a meal for two costs between Rs.550 - Rs.650.

The ambiance is pleasant, the servers are friendly. And if you ask for a suggestion, they actually suggest something good and not just the most expensive item on the menu. On weekends though, it gets a little crowded so you may have to wait a bit.

Coming to the most important part : The food. It's great! Prepared well and it gets to your table quickly after you've ordered it. Good amount of choice too. There is plenty to choose from for both veggies and meat lovers.

Overall, I recommend China Pearl for anyone in the mood for Chinese food. Bon appetit! :)
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food_99freako - Burrp User


June 14,2008

Love the place!

I'd give this place a ten on ten! Perfect Chinese food! Great ambience! Decently priced for what you get!
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love_to_eat - Burrp User


April 19,2008

Good Chinese Food!

This place is quite conveniently located and seems pretty popular with techies. We had been there on a Friday night and had to wait for about 15 minutes, but it was well worth the wait.
The guy who takes reservations could have been more helpful.
The decor is nothing special, just the usual Chinese lanterns and wall decorations and two huge vases at the entrance. I'm not sure if the food is authentic Chinese or not, but heck, who cares, as long as it is tasty! And the portions were generous, to boot. Being a vegetarian, I was a little apprehensive if they'd have too many choices, but I was pleasantly surprised - there is a separate vegetarian section in the menu.

All in all, we had a pleasant evening and I will definitely recommend this place! A meal for two (without alcoholic drinks) would cost around Rs.520-550.
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foodie  - Burrp User


January 30,2008

Curly Potato!

You must try the starter- Veg. Curly Potato at China Pearl. DELICIOUS! Good service.
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Navneet Potti - Burrp User

Navneet Potti

July 26,2007

Good Chinese grub at economical prices

Pretty good-tasting Chinese food available at this cosy joint in Kormangala. Am a meat-lover myself but stuck to veggies since my friends at the table were vegetarians. Let's see...we ordered the Jade Rice, the 8-Jewel vegetables and some noodles, the exact name of which I can't remember.

- Generous-enough portions
- Nice, mild flavours
- Ambience was nice enough, with comfortable seating. Airy, open space within the restaurant.
- No complaints about the service

Would suggest this place if you happen to be in and around Blocks 5,6,7,8 of Kormangala and get the munchies for some decent Chinese grub. :)
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