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Pradeep  Rajkumar - Burrp User

Pradeep Rajkumar

May 13,2015

I love this place for the salads - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Vegetarian hangout

I had their food in my relative's house. Their children love their burgers and the main course.The door-delivery was perfect.

This is the place where you get lovely and authentic continental salads.

I tried their Caesar salads couple of times . The lettuce with onions and salad tomatoes with the croutons have got wonderful texture with freshness.

I really felt the quality and quantity.The effort the team has put in making and delivering the product in packing presentation is lovely.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for vegetarian hangout,
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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

February 20,2015

Great burgers, chilled out place

I will always recommend this place for it's great meat burgers. This is one of the few places serving meat burgers and truly, they come in all sizes. People actually have competitions and bets to try and finish the Mother of All Moos or Moos Your Daddy Burgers. The burgers are Thulp's best selling stuff. They also had some Oriental and Thai stuff which is gone now and that's a shame because they did such a perfect balance between the American and Thai food.

Lots of their starters are good too, the skewers of course, are usually never a disappointment, the chicken wings come in quite large portions. Bangkok Dangerous is a nice chilli crispy beef dish which I will recommend any day. I'm not crazy about their chicken burgers, they're not really the best, so it's better to have zinger I'd say. Salads are decent but not really creative as the place is.

The ambiance is cute, with Japanese cartoon posters on the wall, creative table mats and games available to keep you there with the gang for a long while. It is quite crowded from Friday to Sunday, so pick a good time to go. :)
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TheGerman - Burrp User


October 08,2014

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Moos your Daddy and two cans of coke.
'Nuff Said.

I Adore the thulp 400gm Cheese Burger, it is medium rare, with just enough veggies to complement the patty and not so much that you have to search for the meat. The cheese is all melty and just adds to the flavor.

The ambiance is just right, with board games and a light buzz of conversation on the nearby tables. Perfect place for a sinful Saturday afternoon 'snack' :p

The Incredible Thulp! Make my order!
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Bipin Surendra - Burrp User

Bipin Surendra

March 04,2014

Good One

Every burger eating contest should bring in burgers from Cafe Thulp.. You can just go chomp chomp chomp chomp.... on and on... forever...
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Joel Noronha - Burrp User

Joel Noronha

February 04,2014

Expensive but woth a try!

The biggest and juiciest burgers in Bangalore are available at Cafe Thulp. You are missing out on some good restaurant experience if you haven't visited Thulp.
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solomon thomas - Burrp User

solomon thomas

August 12,2013

Great Customer Service - Good Food

Sunday evening while driving back home I stepped in for a take away with my family. I ordered a beef burger, chicken sandwich and buffalo wings - an order value of Approx Rs 500. We have eaten there before and to keep my daughter busy my wife went to pick up some books from the book rack. In the meanwhile the person waiting our table came with a plate of fries and told me "Sir some thing for the baby" with a smile on his face. My daughter loves fries and this just made her evening cheerful. We were very touched with the gesture and the fact that without asking for it they felt the need to share and do that extra bit for us. And yes we got our share of fries in the Burger and the Chicken sandwich and it was not extracted from those portions :) This is the first time I have seen such service at a local restaurant. I rate them 5 stars because they are unique with their food and service with a human touch.
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twiferme - Burrp User


April 01,2013


The place is just awesome to hangout with friends. Right from the ambience, the interior design and the table layout everything seemed perfect.

After reading reviews, I ordered the Moo burger with bacon and cheese without even looking into the menu and I must say that it is the best burger I had in Bangalore. The burger had a very good portion. The salad was delicious and the french fries was average.

The beef burger is a MUST try for all the meat lovers. The only drawback is the service. They take a lot of time and I think due to the that my appetite grew heavy and I was able to finish the burger :P

Regarding the price, it is slightly on the higher side but the taste did justice to it.
They also had books and few board games. Definitely interesting!

Cafe Thulp is HIGHLY recommended and would definitely comeback.

Food - 4/5
Service - 1/5
Quality - 4/5
Ambience - 4/5
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

March 30,2013

800g beef burger :)

Only once you leave Bangalore do you realize that Bangalore is one of the very very few places who do justice to their beef.

Reached Bangalore at 1PM and stopped for lunch directly at Thulp! It was the Moos that definitely wanted.

Reached, ordered a Gonzenshwara, Moos your daddy and the Mother of all Moos (2 daddy's and a prayer!)

So, I had a friend from Bombay as well, 1st timer to Bangalore and a beef burger lover. I decided to tell him what he's been missing. (the prayer was for him btw)

There's nothing that can go with these people when it comes to their burgers and their beef and their bacon!

Few bites into the burger and the soft, tender, meat-rich chunk of awesomeness just makes you go 'mmmm...., aaaah...., yaaaa... more...' (ahem, no TWSS jokes)

The bacon, the cheese, the beef, the salads and the seriously awesome crispy french fries, Thulp! is definitely a place you wanna hog!

The Mumbai-kar, definitely struggled with the 800g beef burger and obviously couldn't finish it. (We finished that too..) And all he could say were "this is awesome" "this is huge" "i can't move".

After a delightful 'Bangalore' moment, we leave.
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Tarusha  Saxena - Burrp User

Tarusha Saxena

March 20,2013

Great Food

So these were the days in Bangalore when I was a couch potato and was competing a marathon with no idea who to finish watching seasons of 'How I Met Your Mother'. This one episode totally dedicated to a Hamburger ruined my peace and left me craving for one.

Bangalore is no doubt a food heaven and I had visited most of the popular food joints of all kinds and sorts but had not come across a good burger point up until then. Fortunately my flatmate happened to know this small cozy cafe in Kormangala 1st Block called 'Thulp' which apparently served huge and yummy burgers.

Leaving no time for second thoughts, I rushed to my craving's rescue and landed at the cafe with my flat mates. The cafe was a simple yet spacious layout with good number of tables and a heavenly book of menu :)

For all the non - vegetarians/ carnivores and burger lovers, this menu and food is indeed heavenly I bet!!

My cravings went bad to worst going through the menu as it gives you an exhaustive list of Starters, Hamburgers (daddy of all the burgers with size of a quarter plate), Burgers, Pastas, Sandwiches, Desserts and Drinks. Finally the deal was closed with Spicy Garlic Prawn Cocktail (interestingly served in a huge wine glass with a dip), Chicken and Bacon Skewers with Teriyaki sauce (best I have ever had.. these are to die for), 2 grilled tender Chicken Burgers with Cheese and Bacon and a Beef Burger with Goan Sausage fry and grilled onions.

All the burgers are accompanied with french fries, potato wedges and salads. The food was no doubt too heavy and filling but I ate to my heart's content. The chef deserves an applaud for the great food 'Thulp' is serving and it earns away extra brownie points for low prices.

Thulp is for sure the best burger destination for me so far!!
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priyankagogoi87 - Burrp User


March 01,2013

Thulp Man!

We need more places like Cafe Thulp in Bangalore. This place is so alive. The books are a great addition, and though the concept of board games is well-thought of, the games are quite worn out. Time to replace!

Nonetheless, bright, cheerful place with mouth-watering, humongous burgers! It deserved a mention on my blog. You can read the details at http://skimble-scamble.blogspot.in/2013/02/cafe-thulp_28.html
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samyuktay - Burrp User


February 15,2013

Great food

I had one of my frequent cravings for hot dogs recently and we decided to visit someplace new, so settled for cafe thulp near our home in Koramangala.

Somehow, the day we went in the place was pretty much de(s)serted (pun-intended) - with just one other table occupied maybe since it was a weekday. Either way, this place deserved to be occupied at all times - since they do have a good variety of Hotdogs and sandwiches on their menu none of which disappoint.

I liked the ambience.

We zeroed in on the bow wow wow which turned out to be super-delish with all their sumptuous goodness! The portion sizes are pretty generous which works for me but you may want to split if you're watching your waistline!

I whole-heartedly recommend this place to anyone looking for some hotdogs and sandwiches in Koramangala!
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Zico Mendes - Burrp User

Zico Mendes

February 01,2013

Moo Factor

This was one of the places that I visited when I moved to Bangalore newly. And it certainly didn't disappoint me. The Moo Burger is just brilliant. Its juicy and succulent and filling. To kill your time until your order is served, they have a Red Paper on every table so that you can make a rocket out of it (comes with instructions)..
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Aayushi Sharma - Burrp User

Aayushi Sharma

December 15,2012

True happiness!

I went to Thulp for dinner with a friend. Being famished, we decided to order away. We started off with cheese and garlic fries and bacon wrapped chicken with teriyaki sauce. The fries were hot, the cheese was molten bursting with garlic. The bacon wrapped chicken was succulent and the teriyaki sauce contrasted the flavour of the chicken and bacon.

For the mains, we ordered a chicken and bacon impostor burger, which was huge and lovely. I had the Italian Stallion sandwich (brown bread) which had some delicious marinara sauce, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes. Both the burger and sandwich were served with perfect coleslaw and herbed potatoes.

We washed this lovely food down with some lovely cappuchino, strong and hot. Not milky like it is served in most places.

It was the perfect dinner. Relaxed, great food, the staff was attentive yet not overbearing.
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ravim84 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Great cafe to chill out and have good food

Located near NMIMS Koramangala, this small joint is very popular among the youth. It was jam packed on a sunday afternoon with waiting period as well. The decore is minimal, and the place can be a bit noisy.
The menu comprises of salads, burgers, sandwiches, pastas and other tit-bits.
There is a lot of beef and pork on the menu apart from the usuals.
We had a lot of food, so item wise - burgers were good, the chicken burger with bacon and cheese in particular. The sandwiches were dry, and the fries were poor.
The hot chocolate was very tasty, and the fish nd chips were quite good too.
Service tends to be a tad slow, but it's more of a place to relax, with books to read and board games to play.
Well, it might not be the best burger in town(i think willy vailly was much better), but still its a good outing, and we'll be back for sure.
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shaheenusman - Burrp User


November 18,2012

moo haha moo haha

My friends from chennai told me abt d place but it took me an year to find out dis place in some isolated part of kormangla
D burgers are too good
No adjectives to describe d burgers
They got sea food stuff too
But i was more into burgers

Totally worth it i must say
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Aarti  - Burrp User


November 16,2012

The new Kullas

Many of us know how amazing the Thulp burgers are. But for those who do not, you are missing an important part of your life!

Having said that, I only recently tried their Kulla Burgers, which made me yelp out with happiness for 2 reasons - (i) I don't have to pant my way into the end of their humongous burgers (I used to LOVE the size :P, but my appetite has not been the same in the last couple of months, soo... this is for those people who always barely manage to finish what they order), and (ii) I have to spend lesser than I used to! :D
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vijaymadhavan - Burrp User


November 16,2012

man vs burgers

the burgers here are humongous! finishing them seemed to be a herculean task! the food here is so flavorful too.. the service isnt the best though..
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Raison D'souza - Burrp User

Raison D'souza

November 11,2012

Excellent Burgers

At first it looks like just another ordinary restaurant for snacks and tea. You realize the difference once you open the menu. Cafe Thulp has nailed it with a 'killer' menu which leaves you droolin. The names of each and every item is just unique. The menu is more exhaustive than the one uploaded here on burrp with over 100+ items. I had the moo burger which was a huge portion of beef along with crisp fries. The food was good. Have to go there again to try other items.
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drunken_panda - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Real American Burger!

Love the quantity , Love the taste, Mayo is Brilliant and perfectly cooked beef patty's , their coleslaw was bit dry but yeah adjustable! Mother of all moo's - Still yet to finish that challenge! and their drinks are kinda fancy ! They take quite some time for service , but yeah worth it!
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bumpy1927 - Burrp User


November 09,2012

CULT place

This place is a beef heaven with some of the best beef you can get in this city. One bad thing is price went up and it's quite expensive now. Still no matter what Thulp stands apart. Me gonna come in for more beef .For sure.
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Abhijith Shenoy - Burrp User

Abhijith Shenoy

November 03,2012

Big portions that will not disappoint !!!

I have been to Thulp! a few times now and honestly have never come out of this place with out a smile on my face. The portions are definitely big, specially the burgers and you get enough time to laze through the large portions of food with your friends playing scrabble or UNO or pictionary or any other board game that you can get you hands on from the shelf. When I go there alone I either read a book from their collection or listen to the nice music that they play all day long. The creative menu is what got me intrigued the first time. The sure shot winner starter for me is the prawnic healing and the buffalo bill. Do not go to the place if you are counting calories. However, If you are adventures do try the MOOs your daddy. For others the choices of salads, pastas, hotdogs and sandwiches are good. Have a look at the blackboard for that day's special before you order. Desserts for me are a hit and miss at Thulp.

All in all it's one of those places that you have good fun and good food. But be warned, you will be FULL when this restaurant is done with you.
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Abhijith Shenoy - Burrp User

Abhijith Shenoy

November 03,2012

Big portions that will not disappoint !!!

I have been to Thulp! a few times now and honestly have never come out of this place with out a smile on my face. The portions are definitely big, specially the burgers and you get enough time to laze through the large portions of food with your friends playing scrabble or UNO or pictionary or any other board game that you can get you hands on from the shelf. When I go there alone I either read a book from their collection or listen to the nice music that they play all day long. The creative menu is what got me intrigued the first time. The sure shot winner starter for me is the prawnic healing and the buffalo bill. Do not go to the place if you are counting calories. However, If you are adventures do try the MOOs your daddy. For others the choices of salads, pastas, hotdogs and sandwiches are good. Have a look at the blackboard for that day's special before you order. Desserts for me are a hit and miss at Thulp.

All in all it's one of those places that you have good fun and good food. But be warned, you will be FULL when this restaurant is done with you.
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Imi In - Burrp User

Imi In

November 02,2012

nothing great

i tasted both beef n chicken..it kinda sucks..nothing great about the taste..
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Water Sign - Burrp User

Water Sign

October 15,2012

Mouth-watering burgers!

I and my friends have been to Thulp on numerous occasions, and we have never been disappointed! The ho chi minh burger, a Vietnamese pork burger is the best burger I have ever had in my life! I'd also tried the Goan sausage burger, which wasn't bad either. The spicy Thai salad is also delicious! Other top-notch dishes are the spaghetti with meatballs, the chettinad sandwich, the beef stir fry, hot chocolate and their SINFUL chocolate cake!
I would just request them to not force people to order a min of Rs. 500 when ordering from home. One person does not need to order so much food! Sometimes I would just like to order a salad and a soup, but am forced to add something else just to bump the bill up to Rs. 500! And it's not like I live far from the restaurant. If the management is reading this, please, please, change this!
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Falicio - Burrp User


October 10,2012

Good beef burgers

Very well done with the beef burger. The entire offer was very good. The chicken wings were horrendous, but the servers offered to take it back.
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tatzie - Burrp User


July 06,2012

Awesome place for beef burgers

If you are craving for beef burger and dont know where to find it in bangalore, then you must head to Cafe Thulp. Their Moo burgers is aweome. Its done to perfection and seasoned just right. They serve it along with fries and coleslaw.
The service is pretty slow. Also you will have to wait to get in on weekends and the orders might take pretty too long to be served. But they have a decent collection of books and board games to keep you entertained while you wait.
Its a cool hangout place.
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venukrishnan32 - Burrp User


June 04,2012

Awesome food but below par service.

I am a regular at Cafe thulp in Koramangala.The food here is absolutely great.The Moo Burger (beef) is my favorite. Also the cheese omlette is another excellent option.But the service here is pretty poor, be it taking the order ,serving and delay in giving the bill.I have been denied food at-least 5 times cause I reached the restaurant at 10.45 pm , 10.50 pm or also at 10.55 pm (where the closing time as specified is 11 pm).

Last night I was here with my friend at 10 pm .The staff came to take order at 10 .10 pm (it was not crowded at all).the first thing he says is that the kitchen is getting closed ,so this will be last order.He hurrys up through everything ; food , playing cards , the books even when our water glasses were empty.then came the bill ,that too around 10 .50 .10 mins after clearing the table,that too after i gave the staff a rude look ,

Firstly they should decide on the closing time and secondly , the most important, the staff has to be more courteous.
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ashwya - Burrp User


May 22,2012

Nothing great and this time found a piece of bone

I have been here thrice now...hmm i havent really found anything to really get excited or make me go back there again... The burgers arent that huge..the bun surely is..but for 200 rs i need more bang for the buck...The patty though is very nicely grilled and is juicy . The pickles a bit too sweet . The french fries though are perfect. Every time i been here I have asked for the moo with bacon and cheese and after paying 200 rs i stiil feel the need to order some more food. The third and possibly the last time i found a huge piece of bone in the patty. When i did alert the staff they just said sorry. If a kid have gulped that by mistake i am sure he would have choked to death. We also ordered the day's special a chicken wrap for 275rs... it was tasty and the veggies on the sides were grilled perfectly... but why they called it a wrap when it was a piece of grilled chicken wrapped with bacon and served with veggies and mashed potatoes on the side??? ...We asked if we could have the gravy/sauce used over the grilled piece of chicken..the waiter had no idea what we wee talking about..the service is courteous and thats all. You do get the feeling that the place must have been much better and so all the good reviews...but they seem to resting on their past laurels and just about going through the motions of daily service. No energy or want to make the customer feel good.Serve 100 customers and day and be done with it ...they will come in anyways...
Decor and ambiance: Simple and easy::3.5/5
Service: Courteous, inefficient and lack of energy ::3/5
Food: Good in patches: 3.5/5
Value for money: 120 rs for shake and feeling hungry after a supposedly huge burger?? ::2/5

Pull up your sucks and pay attention to customers they are 100s of similar joints opening up in and around giving better stuff at a better price and a bigger smile...
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AdiDash - Burrp User


April 14,2012


It is not air conditioned which is something that is quite a factor for me, still I loved the place. It is a nice place to hang out with your frnds or your partner..Food is grt, drinks too. I have heard the beef is gud havent tried it yet. Had the Teriyaki chicken burger and loved it....Mint Mojito with a burger or sandwich, well I cant ask for more while I am making conversation....Try it out soon...
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Abhishek Mahanty - Burrp User

Abhishek Mahanty

March 20,2012

moo moo....

The place for mighty burgers along with oreo shake...its heabbbbbbyyyyyyyyy
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Vimala Nayak - Burrp User

Vimala Nayak

March 01,2012

've been unimpressed with the service.

Pretty good & fun menu.
Used to be a huge fan, but the last visits have put me off considerably.
I doubt I would make the trip back.
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Deepti K N - Burrp User

Deepti K N

February 14,2012

to chill & hangout.

Overall experience was amazing, great food with great service, l quite liked the fancy names of the dishes but they can improve on some preparations like pastas & steaks.. Desserts are must haves. Surely visiting again with friends.
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Sangita Saha - Burrp User

Sangita Saha

February 10,2012


Thulp was the talk of the town back in October (still is evidently) and my friends recommended that we definitely make time to try it. It was a big deal to whittle down a shortlist in a city where there are so many quality eateries. The list of available burgers is drool inspiring but I had read great things of the Moos your daddy & it was decided that I would eat it. I really enjoyed the evening, the seating is relaxed and convivial, the guys working here are all friendly and helpful and the menu is interesting and constantly changing, depending on what's in season and in the fridges. We had no trouble getting a seat at on a Monday but it can get really busy so be wise and go early or late.I would say that the food on the whole was good, really quite good, but sadly not memorable. Just don't come expecting fireworks
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Shivani Begoor - Burrp User

Shivani Begoor

February 08,2012


I think Cafe Thulp has become a victim of its own good reviews and has become a little slack in effort. Thulp is much loved by the pros and punters alike. I, however, am not a fan. I’d be willing to give the food another chance, but I don’t hold much hope for much change, as we tried a lot of different things. The restaurant has a narrow entrance and limited seating place. The interiors & accoustics are done well, and despite the place being small, noise levels were low.
At the end of the day, I’m just not sure that Thulp is shooting to be something other than a mediocre restaurant. I’ve had worse-don’t get me wrong, but for me this falls into the crowded class of mediocre American in Bangalore.
I have to say that I wasn’t really thrilled with any of this. The burgers were fine, though not as good as a number of the others available in this same genre.
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Shankha Ghosh - Burrp User

Shankha Ghosh

February 03,2012

Value for money..

Cafe thulp rather boldly claims to serve stunning burgers. They are indeed stunning. Beautifully presented, they taste every bit as good as they look..
I was very impressed and have been back since several times with different friends, all of whom loved the experience.
I thoroughly recommend this place. Amazing burgers and a great vibe. The prices are pretty cool too.
It can't be long before Cafe thulp becomes a must go place for everyone.
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tasties - Burrp User


January 28,2012


I read all the review here. Not sure if I agree with the reviews. Or my bad luck. My burger was dry and my fries not so great. Maybe the Chef was out when i visited. I would love to have a nice juicy meaty burger. That did not happen for me.
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yohannanalex - Burrp User


January 26,2012

Best Burgers in town

They serve some of the best burgers and steaks in Bangalore, if you dont want your kids to eat junk burgers these fast food outlets dish out , you better get them to taste these burgers at tulp.
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Ayee Rate - Burrp User

Ayee Rate

January 19,2012

Nice place to chill out and enjoy good food

Very nice place , good place . They have games and stuff to keep yourself busy, not that they take a long time to deliver the food. Very creative with their menu , must read . You will enjoy it !!!!
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J_Sparrow - Burrp User


December 27,2011

King size

Visited this place as i was checking out the recommended 'good burgers ' in town.
Was pretty packed for a saturday noon .

Tried the Moo's your daddy burger - decent stuff.
The burger size is big. Taste - room for improvement. The meat needs to be a bit more juicy and needs to have a bit more 'zap' to it
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Sanjay  - Burrp User


December 20,2011

Great place for Saturday Lunch

The Garlic Cheese Fries (I think it's called the heart attack) are delicious, as is the chicken burger with Bacon. Most things are their menu are quite inventive and portions huge. Good desserts, good meals, great starters (the chicken wings are also best I've had in the city) - I can't really say much more. It's the closet thing you get to a hipster burger joint in the city. Saturday's after 2PM it gets really crowded so come around 1-1:30 to block your table.
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pratst3rkumar - Burrp User


November 26,2011

Cafe Bleugh ...

Don't get why reviews rave about this place... I've only had the burgers here and they were very average.. Like any place would make them. Worst of all the burgers are made from grilled meat and not minced meat patties... That not only makes it impossible to eat because it disintegrates but you can't eat grilled fibrous meat without a knife... It sticks to your teeth and it's not a nice experience going down.. Secondly this place isnt really that cheap - not anymore atleast.. Contrary to what's mentioned on this website - this place is NOT airconditioned. So it usually gets hot like a furnace and that makes it uncomfortable when you start sweating while eating fat-filled red meat. Service is slow and on one occasion, rude. Atleast if you count a waiter getting impatient and snapping at you, rude - because that's what happened in response to a very valid query. Another waiter kept sneezing inside the restaurant continuously that day. Maybe some particular dishes or preparations are worth the hype but overall dont get your hopes up.... a very forgettable experience.
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rushI  - Burrp User


November 17,2011

Simply Good Food

Really it's my all time favorite. I find it pretty economical as compared to the quality of food served. I love their pasta (something with sun dried tomatoes and spinach)
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Prasanna Revan - Burrp User

Prasanna Revan

November 13,2011

A good place worth going back!

I love burgers and I always come here for good ones! I have had burgers all over the world and Thulp is as good as a place in California or London.

Their service is bit slow and there is long waiting at times... except that I guess we're good! Go ahed and enjoy your burger!
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Deepak Prince - Burrp User

Deepak Prince

November 06,2011

Average at best

The chilli garlic fries were novel and quite tasty but the burgers were a let down. I've had better burgers in bangalore. Go if you have kids, they have nice board games and this should be a good outing for a family. Otherwise, there are better places. Service was slow and not quite up to the mark and the drinks sucked.
Or may be this place wasn't just our cup of tea (all 4 of us who went felt the same way)
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Ananta Sen - Burrp User

Ananta Sen

October 29,2011

MOO..The BEST burgers....

"Endless Appetite" by Ananta Sen and Poonam Vaidya
Aiming to devour Bangalore in five days

The BEST burger I've ever eaten: exclaimed Endless as she bid greedily into her first beef burger. Appetite just smirked - she had eaten this around five times before, the reason they were here in the first place. To accompany the burgers, the two travelers ordered a Snickers Blizzard -- a drink highly recommended by all, Endless however claimed it to be "hyped", and rated the drink as "I'd expected more..definitely not sweet enough". Appetite ordered a Strawberry Shortcake -- the last smoothie on the menu. The two's unanimous decision was that it was better, and deserves to be the mascot drink at Thulp.

The burgers, both of which were MOO's - an appetizing beef patty with tomatoes and jalapenos. Available in various combinations -- bacon and cheese, and various sizes catering to different appetites. This was accompanied by coleslaw, french fries and a large green chilli. These accompaniments require improvement : the coleslaw was bland and french fries deplorable - stale, hard and over fried.

The bill including two MOO burgers and two smoothies was 650 Rupees (excluding the very generous 50 rupees tip - assures a sign of sheer contentment).
The two travelers commented that although the burgers looked enormous, and it looked like they would not be able to complete the meal, they left satisfied with the amount they'd eaten.
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Mohamed Tharik - Burrp User

Mohamed Tharik

October 20,2011

Keep Thulping

Thulp is my hang out spot now. Every weekend i have one meal there with some friends. The ambiance is real good with music and board games and books...Plus the burgers there are one of the best i have had in Bangalore.
If anyone is trying Thulp, they have to go for Moos your daddy!
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malgudidays - Burrp User


October 18,2011

Overcooked is their philosophy

After hearing the good things about thulp from my friends, i decided to try it myself.
Ordered El Pollo Loco, Mexican Chilli Hot Dog, Ginzy Chicken burger and Some Mint Lemon juice.

Firstly the Chicken, all 3 of the dishes were thoroughly over cooked, most likely just reheated. The chicken is supposed to be soft but this was dry, stretchy and chewy.

The chicken strips were fat, with minimum meat and maximum batter which was tasteless.

The chicken burger was horrible the only taste was coming from cucumber pickles unfortunately.

The hot dog was the best, including the herb chicken side dish was good.

The drink was just sweet and not minty.

I would recommend Thulp only for the hot dog. But there are definitely better places for same cuisine in the same area.

I would like to add that I judge only by stass courtesy and food. Food was bad, staff was ok.
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prabhu006 - Burrp User


October 12,2011

Good Food But service could be better

Went to cafe Thulp after reading all the positive reviews. Honey mustard salard was excellent but Hummus with Pita bread was only Ok. Disappointed that there was no veg burger. Liked their rosemary flavored potato roast that came along with some main dish we ordered.

But I was really disappointed with their service, we were not served water till we finished our lunch and one garlic bread fell off the plate when the waiter brought the dish and he just kicked it under the table and wasn't even apologetic nor cared to replace it.
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Priya Pillai - Burrp User

Priya Pillai

September 11,2011

Thulp-ing all the way !!!

I got to know of Cafe Thulp from colleagues who visited the Kammanahalli outlet. So this Sunday's lunch was at the Koramangala outlet. A quaint little place in 1st Block not too difficult to find. Red walls, wooden tables n chairs, music that keeps you up and pumping (it can be a little sometimes ) and a shelf filled with books and games i loved seeing ( read scotland yard, taboo etc). It is not really the fine dining kind of place if thats what you are looking for but its comfortable. It was awesome to see people from all age groups sitting there.

Coming to the main part - the food... Firstly i have to say, the menu was a superb concept. The names are creative and got me wanting to try everything on the menu. So we started off with an appetizer called "Buffalo Bill' - buffalo wings which is served with a creamy yogurt dip. The menu described them as fiery but they were more a shot of tanginess; a little too tangy for my taste but the neutral dip helps balance out the flavour a little. Our choice of beverage was "sour puss" a refreshing lemonade.

For main course we ordered a " Moo with Bacon & Cheese " and "Great balls of Fire" - the first being a gigantic beef burger served with fries and coleslaw and the second order was a spicy lamb meatball sub served with these awesome herbed potatoes and coleslaw. Burger was one of the biggest i have seen and the patty was aptly spiced... absolutely yumm... The lamb meatball sub was something different from the regular subs we eat and again very tasty.

Loved the place and waiting to go back to try the other stuff on the menu...
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Lowkey - Burrp User


August 04,2011


Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 3/5 (who cares if the food is so good)
Service: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Number of Visits: More than 20.

In IIT Chennai lingo, Thulp means to eat large quantities of food - which I do when I go here. Its a small enough place which serves a variety of good food ranging from pocket peace(Lebanese Hummus rolls) to Vietnam Pork burgers, to the Beef Moo burgers of varying sizes(the smallest one should be enough for most people) and even Bombay egg toast. Everything we have tasted here has been awesome so I will stop with the superlatives as far as the food is concerned. You would be pretty unlucky to order something and not like it.

Word of advice - skip the shakes, they are not good. Crowd tends to lean towards college going types but they leave you alone. The music is bit loud sometimes - it depends on who is in-charge of the PC connected to the speakers. But for the price you pay here, you won't remember any of these things when you are done paying the bill and thulping away.
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acidrain88 - Burrp User


July 24,2011

loved it!

I went to thulp today during the afternoon. Its a fun place to hang out .The decor is colorful but the floor was really dirty . The menu is cute to read and the prices are quite reasonable. We ordered shot through the heart (beef wrapped with bacon skewers) which had this soya type sauce on it which was yum . For the main course the moo burger (with bacon and cheese) was delicious and very filling. Apart from that we ordered another dish whose name i cant remember but it equally appetizing. They both were served with coleslaw and fries. We ordered the sour puss (lemonade type ) drink which was very sour and refreshing as well as a normal cappuccino which was hot and nice to drink. They were really short staffed though the demand seems really high as it was almost fully packed. The food did`nt take very long to come.All in all a good experience ...
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jagannathks - Burrp User


July 10,2011

Overrated Thulp

returned just now from Cafe Thulp. Had potato skin, Fries(chili Garlic), Chicken Satay, Chicken Burger. Chicken Meat was completely Over cooked with out taste and rubbery(both the burger and Satay). We ate the fries completely , but left half of the items as we could not eat through the meat. . Over all Bad service, when the potato skins was served, the plate was very hot and the waiter did not bothered to tell about the plate, which i realized after touching it. I went with my kid, so i expect to be told(like Pizza Hut). I asked for juice/ Shake with out ice and with warm water, the person told its not possible. Will not go again and will not recommed to any one else except to people who like bland food.
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blurrnhungry - Burrp User


July 02,2011

A decent place

What attracted me to Thulp was their humorous menu online which had really funny names and the concept seemed interesting. Over the period of four visits or so in the last few months, the quality and consistency of food has not changed. It is of course not 100% American, neither is it very 'indianized'. I love the mayo in this place, it is the closest to real mayo taste for me. The following dishes are what we have had over the period of a few months:

Buffalo bill-AWESOME
Shot through the heart-Good
Moo with bacon and cheese-AWESOME
Moo's your daddy-AWESOME
The impostor-Good
The italian job-Decent
Great balls of fire-Decent
The peppery yakuza-Not at all what we expected, a stronger pepper sauce would have enhanced the flavor!
Cardinal sin- Decent, but too strong for my partner. I guess its subjective.
Agent orange-Nahhhh....
Peanut butter milkshake-Hmm, quite alright
Some cheesecake-One of the nicest and closest thing to an actual cheesecake that I have tasted.

Definitely would go back again. Just have a comment about the waiters though. Wish they would hire more waiters who are more friendly and customer-oriented, as most of the times, the waiters are pretty scary to approach, if you know what i mean :)
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Foodaholic  - Burrp User


June 27,2011

Decent place veg and non veg

Price: Moderate
Ambiance : 35

There were 5 of us and we had dinner.We had close to 250 per head
1 Chicken moos burger
1 chicken moos burger - daddy special
1 peta ka beta
1 potato skin
some pastas and choclate sandwitches
some cokes

Food was fine but there were less options for veg burger( i guess only 1)
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riaskitchen - Burrp User


June 26,2011

We'll definitely be back !

We all loved the food. I had a spicy beef Thai dish with rice, that was just amazing.
I don't see the wok specials on the menu uploaded here so I can't be precise on what this dish was. The Thai crispy beef starter is a Gautam Krishnankutty special. One thing that needs some work is the cleanliness, behind the counter visible and in the restaurant. While its understandable that Sundays are busy days, it still doesn't justify messy floors, uncleaned tables after guests leave. Having said that I'm all set to try the Kamanahalli branch sooner than later .
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Mithun Dhali - Burrp User

Mithun Dhali

June 20,2011

Great food and Moo burgers

The food was great specially the Moo burger with bacon and cheese. I liked the ceaser salad and mango shake too.

If you are into American food/burgers, this is your place.

The place is a bit overcrowded during the weekend and getting a seat may take some time. But the wait is also worth the food you will be getting.
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Monika Manchanda - Burrp User

Monika Manchanda

June 14,2011

Love the place some more everytime I eat there

I was in for a very pleasant surprise because I was certainly not expecting this good food ;-) it was yummy…. we ordered corn quesadillas chicken for starters which came with salsa and was one of the yummiest thing I have eaten in the recent times… the salsa was perfect and quesadillas correctly crisp with brilliant filling.

We ordered a tomato cheese chicken pasta and falafel burger (which I was totally amused with, never heard of a falafel burger) for the main course and both the dishes were mindblowing.

The pasta was routine but perfect to the last spice, an authentic italian taste was surely what u got (which didnt really suited Ojas I guess so me and N had the pleasure of gobbling down that too :D :mrgreen: ) The burger as I said above was a total surprise I havent really thought of putting a fafalfel in a burger before and after eating it there I am wondering why? with a little humus in place of mayo and lots of raw veggies, it seemed like a healthier version of burger too :D

All in all a brilliant meal was had and surprise surprise when the bill came, with a lemonade and the above dishes the bill was still under Rs 500/- which is so rare these days…

In nutshell a place I would surely recommend to all…. I hear they have a delivery branch called Asia in the box and I am waiting for the first opportunity to try that

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 3.5/5

Ambience – 3/5 (its nothing extraordinary but they do have the standard cafe things, games, books etc… what I liked was that they have a section of books and games for kids as well starting from 0+… so thoughtful)

another review here - http://sinamontales.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/cafe-thulp-revisted/
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nym80matt - Burrp User


May 24,2011

Toothsome to the last morsel

I love this place - so much so i dine their atleast once a week.
the moo burgers and its variants are the best burgers in bangalore. the beef is juicy, the accompaniments are perfectly done. its a plate fulla happiness.
their pastas are great as well..al dente with just enough sauce, not cloggy not sparse. the flavour immaculate. Dessert (if there is room for it) is a must try as well - be it the blueberry cheesecake, the only one in town which is not overly sweet, or the chocolate in its various avataars. Kudos to the chef!
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


May 07,2011

Burgers were only good

After reading all the posts about these incredible burgers I figured we had to check out Cafe Thulp. Kind of a sit-down fast food ambiance. A bit on the minimalist/cheesy side but I didn't come for the decor. We ordered the chicken satay starter- good but the peanut dipping sauce was very spicy- beware. I ordered the Ho Chi Minh (pork) burger hoping for Vietnamese flavours and it fell short. Nothing even remotely reminiscent at all. Don't get me wrong. It tasted good but just isn't as advertised. My husband was happy with his regular beef burger- but it didn't blow him away. The menu also had some really interesting sounding other sandwiches that I would want to try next time. Service is good and prices are right. It's a decent place for a casual lunch but doesn't hold a candle to a good old American burger joint.
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Nimisha Vijay - Burrp User

Nimisha Vijay

May 02,2011


been here couple of times...awesome food..great service...don't mind going back here again n again..!! :)
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Devadittya Banerjee - Burrp User

Devadittya Banerjee

April 25,2011

All your base are belong to Burgers

What makes a Burger great? It must be sinful. It must be sloppy. It must be cholesterol laden...
Cafe Thulp gets it. Their burgers are among the best you can get in the country. They serve those burgers with fries, and coleslaw. The burgers are succulent, the meat patty is not overcooked, and and there are plenty of tomatoes, pickles, bacon etc inside - an absolute must to make every bite taste different. I usually order the moos yo daddy (or whatever it is called). It's a fairly big burger, very filling, and still quite cheap (250 odd bucks)
Other than burgers, they do have sandwiches, and a bunch of things on the menu. All reasonably priced, and nothing that I have ordered turned out to be bad.
What makes this place good is that it's inexpensive (bill for 2 would amount to anything between Rs. 400-700), and laid back. To give an idea - there are books, and board games, in a shelf that one can borrow. If you want to spend a Sunday afternoon, or any evening, reading books, playing on a tablet, while nibbling on great food - there's no place better than this.
Contrary to what most people have written here - the service isn't bad at all. While it's nothing to rave about, it isn't intolerable.
I wanted to give it a 5, but didn't. There is certainly some room for improvement - (1) Expand the drinks menu (2) Serve alcohol and finally (3) Improve the setup. The book shelf is not visible, one has to walk up to the counter to check the desserts etc.
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ilovetoeat - Burrp User


April 16,2011


I have to say, I absolutely LOVED this little restaurant! I was a bit skeptical when my brother first dragged me here, because there are so many little restaurants peppered all over koramangala, but I decided to give it a shot (not that he gave me much of a choice).

Thulp is a cute little restaurant, with a very relaxed (and very clean) ambience. I don’t quite remember the name of the burger I had (it was the moo and bacon or something), but it was FANTASTIC. A large burger with melted cheese, pickles and bacon in it. Comes with fries and cole slaw. Mmmm it was sooo good! Their hummus was fantastic too, and another person at our table ordered a vegetarian dish with rice which was also really tasty.

??Lovely menu, with LOTS of options to choose from. Their menu is very well written with lots of funny names for their food ('prawnic' healing being the only one I can remember off the top of my head)

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! I’ve gone back tons of times since that first fateful day, and loved it every time! Go check it out you won’t regret it!
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EarnesTaster - Burrp User


April 08,2011

Deficient service,chaotic milieu mar good food

Excited about this interestingly named ,positively reviewed joint- Cafe Thulp in 1st Block,Koramangala, we entered the filled-to-capacity place and trawled through the jazzy playfully-scripted menu. Undoubtedly, there's chuckle-worthy wordplay to be found here! The starters promised Prawnic Healing (spicy prawn cocktail), bird on a wire (chicken satay), and bangakok dangerous (crispy beef).Having relished starters just before (the remarkable Tunday mutton kababs) ,we directly moved onto one of the mean protagonists here- The Moo- hamburger with slaw n fries. The apotheosis of this was listed as "Mother all Moos' (2 Daddies in the making!) .We settled for the regular version with bacon and cheese (Rs.190).It was a solidly good tasty hamburger with decent side-kicks.The meat patty, bacon n cheese all nicely conspired to create a hearty round of chomping.Other burgers here include the 'chicken imposter' and the 'ho chi minh pork".The cheeseburger ("cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast" acc. to Pulp Fiction!) took about 15 minutes to arrive .Not very bad timing so we next scanned the sandwich selection.

From options like The cows came home,Rocky Balboa (steak filling), and Great balls of fire (lamb),we chose a Night at porky's booked at Rs.190,hoping it to be quite a romp. The filling was again appetizing- sliced roast pork,sliced ham,BLT n mayo, but the hefty bread got in the way of our lusty encounter with these goodies.Taking off the numerator,dispatching it with slaw,mayo & creamy wasabi (the latter two from the thoughtfuly filled table bottles), and then devoting oneself to the denominator with fillings is not a bad idea!This order took about 25 minutes to arrive as though we'd asked for a triple order of A fish called wanda,El pollo loco(fried chicken) & peppery yakuza steaks! This long wait frustrated us, made us forego other food orders, & keeping books-n-games in a nook,as is done here, isnt going to make up for the long lapses in time.

The wait-staff might do a better job if their numbers increase. A man (probably the owner, forgot to ask him) moves around with an unsmiling face,arranging the seating of incoming customers, but doesnt interact much with patrons for feeback.At one point, there was a loud grating of chairs to re-arrange seating for a large party,after which the din in the compact place increased & coupled disturbingly with the noisy music being played. Sunday afternoon is arguably not the best time to visit restaurants,conversely it sure helps to assess how good a modus operandi under strain is.

Vegetarians wont be starved for choices here.Starters include spicy corn quesadillas,vietnamese rolls and grilled eggplant,tahini & hummus with pita among others. Sandwiches have grilled cheese, grilled peppers,garlic cream cheese n other fillings, while a Chef's salad catches attention with its tag- 'honey,I cut the mustard!". And there's Pasta with the same saucy names- Luca Brasi goes to town,Popeye's paramour & Gambolling gambini (penne with arrabiata sauce)

The Watering Hole & Sheikh Yerbooty- From options like Caffeine coronary,Bourne trilogy(choco-based) ,Chill maadi n Sour puss, my friend wanted to taste how the "Cucumber Got Cooler". The description specified how honey n lime were also enlisted for the makeover.However ,the drink suffered a split personality by the time of arrival and Remained Lame.'Twas a spa drink, and it was our mistake to not flag down the waiter and ask how the purported honey and lime had acquired phantom poperties like the dude himself! The 'Snickers blizzard' here carries some positive feedback,but our decision to traverse the road less travelled didnt take us to more desirable destinations.Green mango shake (Rs.90), ordered with the hope of finding a new,one-two tart-creamy punch turned out to be regular vanilla milkshake with tart bits.This didnt have expected caliber, and neither did the straw which wasnt thick enough to suck up the concoction.A meal for two here may range from Rs.400 to Rs.800.

Ambience is casual-chic with red,white n yellow painted walls, segmented manga-animation portraits on one side, eclectic,esoteric frames on the other, and a red toy car suspended at the counter at the back.There Will be prizes for guessing the unifying theme decor here!.Others accounts will tell you that its possible to have a unalloyed good time here but that experience eluded us. Adequate staff (lack of this has been an issue here from quite some time,despite the owner's assurances to have it rectified),better control of ambience and sound levels,speedier delivery of dishes wont hurt this place unless it prefers to be an indisciplined cafe.Good food alone doesnt cut it and and sticking a 'Listed on Burrp' sign at the entrance doesnt mean you can slacken on vital restaurant parameters.'Thulp' is attracting name-based jokes of the negative kind increasingly, and unless it watches out, it may go the way of Koshy's Jewel Box, where inadequate service soldiers on, knowing that customers will come in anyway.
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Rapidly heading downhill

April 05 2011.The place was brimming with expats and some locals and I thought the quality would be good.Had to write a review here after having lunch there today.Extremely dissapointed.For the record I had Phad Thai chicken noodles(special of the day) along with espresso coffee.I'm not sure that given that they specialize in burgers and sandwiches the noodles was a great choice.The noodles which arrived took about 40 minutes and had way too much chilli.I have eaten at many Andhra restaurants but the chilli was way above these places.For a cafe the coffee was miserable.The cup was small ,that small cup was only half full and it was already cold by the time I got down to drinking it.Miserable proportions for coffee.As someone else mentioned here they also appear to be understaffed .The waiters did not attend to me for a full ten minutes.It took some more time to just get someone to fill a glass of water.C'mon guys.....filling up a glass of water for a patron is a basic courtesy....and it is summertime.

Many firsts for me:
1.The first time I have eaten a noodle that burns your tongue.I DO NOT like to waste food.This was the first time I had food left over on my plate.
2.I did not tip the waiters.I always make it a point to tip the serving folk.But if someone doesn't attend to something basic as a glass of water and pisses me off with that "Oh !I'm so busy with the others look",I say "F***k You".

Ok Compare this with Cafe Pascucci on MG Road.I'm not saying it is great but It is clean,the decor is better,the rates are comparable,the vegetables in the salads are always fresh and they have a waiter by name Robinson who remembers your name and is quick.The coffee is brilliant and it is air conditioned.I dont leave food to waste on my plate and I tip the waiter for a good job.

Pity I can't say the same about Cafe Thulp.The only thing about this place is that the quality is getting "thulped" along with your wallet.
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Namrata  - Burrp User


February 27,2011

Good food, Better ambiance, Awesome music!

For lazy people like myself (and you'd be surprised to know the number of lazy people out there) this place is just perfect. A laid back style and the comfort of home outside home.

The food was good and filling. But its the ambiance and music that sets this place apart. When I was there old times blues songs were playing and it felt brilliant.
The interiors have many nice artistic portraits. There are a few books lined up on the shelf, and many games to choose from. An old retro car was hanging from the ceiling and I couldn't help but take photos of it. (See photos section here, have uploaded it.)

Overall, thanks to thulp, I had a nice comfortable evening.
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Sudhir Nair - Burrp User

Sudhir Nair

February 24,2011

Perfect for a weekend brunch

Been to this place every weekend for the last couple of months and I must say that I haven't come across a more perfect setting for the Sunday brunch. Excellent food and great atmosphere. Laze around and enjoy the food while reading, chatting or doing whatever. Can't recommend it enough!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sudhir,
Cheers and hope that never changes:) thanks for the thumbs up!

sunnykodi - Burrp User


February 20,2011

Bad service

This place has good food but its service is nothing to be proud about. Definitely understaffed and the staff has a "we don't really care" attitude. We waited for a couple of burgers for an hour while one of our friends joined us ten minutes later and could not get any body to take his order. We tried going there a couple of times but there was no improvement. Several times the waiters just looked right through us while we were trying to catch their attention
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sunny...apologies for the service issues..we are working on getting more staff in place and improving our service staff attitudes towards our valued customers:) We do hope you will return to Thulp again so we can make it up to you.

ragpicker1 - Burrp User


January 20,2011

Great Place

My friend has been suggesting that I try the food at this place for quite a while (he loves this restaurant) and so, last weekend we drove to Koramangala, parked conveniently close to the restaurant and strolled along to it. My first impression as I entered and we sat down was Wow! What interesting wall decor and what nice looking games and books. I love reading and enjoy board games and so, got up to go and take a closer look at the books and games on offer. Eagerly I grabbed hold of the chess set and my friend and I began a very happy game. We also ordered from the most interesting and fun menus which the waiter had provided us with. I chose a chocolate drink and my friend ordered a Lemoade. For our starter, we decided on a Spicy Prawn Cocktail. Our drinks arrived fairly quickly, given that the restaurant was packed and there were just two waiters to deal with everyone. These was followed by the Spicy Prawn Cocktail, which looked and tasted different from any other Prawn Cocktails which I had had. However, it did taste good and I was most amused at the seven prawns stuck on the rim of the glass. For dinner, I ordered a plate of Stir Fried Beef with Rice and my friend chose a Vietnamese Pork Burger with Chili Sauce. The food when it arrived tasted amazing and there was plenty of it. So much infact, that we were too full for dessert. My view of the place is that it has a lovely ambience, cool menus, great food and drinks and is a wonderful place for a group as well as a solitary person as there are plenty of books that can be read. The crowd is nice and quite trendy. The service wasn't that great but then if there are just two waiters and the restaurant is packed, what can you expect? A suggestion to the owners if they read this, is to hire in more staff as its quite sad to see two persons rushing up and down trying to cope with and satisfy everyone.
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chinesefan - Burrp User


January 03,2011

Moo Burger Rocks !!

I visited the cafe after my friend insisted we visit this cute place. I could not say coming from a guy who had gone there the day before and still lugging me around to try it. The cafe has a chic and a very informal air that you come to expect in good cafes. The mandatory magazines, word games etc, strewn about for guests to pass their time was pretty thoughtful.
I digress, so coming to the food, I went with my friend's suggestion- the Moo Burger..The burger is huge !! The meat was tender and the overall taste was really too good. But once you had the burger I think you can forget your Dinner.. It does last in your stomach for long so does it in your mind though pleasantly :-)
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Neel Lohith - Burrp User

Neel Lohith

December 20,2010

Overrated and understaffed

I have visited this place thrice and the only time I left satisfied, was the first time I visited it (before it got famous)

I went there for a late lunch a couple of days ago and boy was I disappointed. They had TWO waiters for around 12 tables and both were lackluster and inattentive (I was annoyed to the extent of not tipping them) I waited approximately 40 minutes for my burger and another 10 for a knife! Why would I need a knife when I was eating a burger? Well, the patty was that hard.

I always felt this place deserved another chance but "twice" bitten, always shy.

Give it a miss if you can but you could try it once, just for the concept - the wacky menus and table mats!
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chickeats - Burrp User


December 20,2010

Awesome Moosome !

Thulp! is a restaurant that saved Bangalore.

From me that is, for the last few days I have been bitching about the lack of good burgers here. The lack of good food in general (ref: my review of presto). Turns out I was going to the wrong places. :) You’re pardoned this time, dear city.

Thulp! has old books, uno cards, scrabble, good coffee, chalkboard specials, happy people, superman painting, and most importantly: good food.

The salad was funny, but they did warn us they were out of lettuce. The coffee was good and the beef burger was awesome by the fact that it existed. In-fact, their whole philosophy beef burger made my heart go moooo… it’s called moo burger, and we’re encouraged to ‘thulp’ it up loudly with our hands and lick fingers later. :)

We played uno till late in the night and guzzled up a lot of coffee… sigh!
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Geejo Francis - Burrp User

Geejo Francis

December 14,2010

rocky balboa!

if someone is craving to eat some real good burgers in town...please guide them to this place to thulp this monster of a burger called 'daddy of all moos'...
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saurabh.gyl - Burrp User


December 10,2010

really good burgers

I was there few days back for brunch on a weekday on my way to work :). WE were just 2 of us and ordered 2 burgers. One griled chicken based and another pork based. Both of them were really good in taste especially the pork based. Just wish these guys open up a bit early for some amazing breakfast.
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Agratha Dinakaran - Burrp User

Agratha Dinakaran

December 08,2010

A one-time affair

After having heard just so much about this place from almost every friend of mine, I decided it was finally time for me to go get Thulped. We went on a Saturday afternoon, and the place was bustling with college students. Decor definitely catches the eye and the place has a nice cafe feel to it. The menu with its outlandish yet witty names of food items make you smile and want to try just about everything.

I scanned through the menu, and the moment I spotted the words 'Philly Cheesesteak', (the Rocky Balboa) I decided to order it right away. The actual Philadelphia cheesesteak of course, is a sandwich made from thinly sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese in a long roll. What I got was a something like a stuffed hot dog with a blob of unappetizing liquid cheese. When I took my first bite, the bread refused to tear out and was so hard that I ended up using the knife to cut the sandwich. As if this wasn't bad enough, the filling tasted what seemed like mutton kheema - which of course, had a disastrous marriage with the cheese and the bell peppers. Now when I don't completely expect them to emulate the original dish entirely, I wouldn't want them to sway so drastically from it, making it unpalatable. The potatoes served with this horribly-gone-wrong sandwich were poorly seasoned and unsalted. The coleslaw was reasonable, but lacked zing.

My friend wanted to try a salad but wasn't appealed with any salad on the menu. So we asked the owner to recommend something and he said he would toss a fresh house salad keeping her preferences in mind (no bell peppers, not too sweet). However, what was finally served to her was the Honey I cut the Mustard salad, which was extremely sweet, had sharp onions, and was filled with red peppers. An utter disappointment.

We then tried the Moo burger with bacon and cheese. It passed as an ordinary beef burger, just not juicy enough. The crispy, greasy French fries served with the burger were the saviour of the day. The 'Hammy hears a who' simple ham and cheese sandwich is also try-able.

Service is absolutely pathetic. The servers are always in a hurry and rush through your orders. When we did place our orders, I asked for some water. The server completely ignored me and reconfirmed my order. After a few minutes, I called him again and he thought we were going to place another order, I asked him for some water again and he walked off. This happened once again. I finally marched up to the kitchen and asked them for some water, from where the server shooed me. The owner finally asked him to serve us some water, after which we still weren't served water. After a good ten minutes, when the crowded table next to us cleared, we were served water. Cold. And unapologetic.

I can understand why this place is so popular, especially among the boys. They serve ginormous burgers, meat in all possible forms, and how can I forget the unlimited mayo, mustard and ketchup at your disposal? Full marks for the concept, the decor, and the exhaustive menu. However, if you can't really deliver what you promise, and aim to frustrate rather than delight customers, the restaurant definitely doesn't make the cut for me.

One star for the concept and another for a good collection of books and board games.
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cheesypeasy - Burrp User


November 25,2010

undercooked...blech! X-(

You know, I'd heard so much abt this place, so I went there and ordered a chicken burger (the impostor) and it was this huge chunk of undercooked meat and i immediately fell sick. It was so disgusting!
But my friend ordered a veggie sandwich and it was fine (the veggies were supposed to be raw, so no problem.)
I guess they serve everything raw here?
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kurkeyblore - Burrp User


November 22,2010

Yummy !

Had a wonderful time ! Thoroughly enjoyed the burgers. The shakes. The vietnamese rolls were awesome !
Will drop by again :)
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suhridk - Burrp User


November 21,2010

The food here made me sick

I ordered the chicken burger here - it had a fancy name which I cant recall. The meat was undercooked. I complained and the staff took it off the bill for me. However, I paid more than that when I had an upset stomach! I notice that there are other reviewers who have fallen sick as well. Please dont ignore these warnings. Give Cafe Thulp a wide berth.
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un lo - Burrp User

un lo

November 18,2010

the service is good but moo burger bad

I love burgers and so I went here to have a moo burger inthe afternoon, it was empty except for he three of us. we orerdered the moo is your daddy burger, the wings and bacon. The waiter was very good, polite and took orders well.
the food came and the moo burger was really bad, I could taste the cow, that is the only way to explain it. the wings were really good and the bacon old. when we tried to complai to the wiater, he was no where to be seen. we had to call the chef to call him. Anyway when he came he smiled and told usthat this was the taste of the burger and that is how it went, the bacon too, we were told is fresh. well somehow it was fun.
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Gaurav Vartak - Burrp User

Gaurav Vartak

November 12,2010


The first thing I noticed on entering Thulp was a prototype of a red convertible hanging from the ceiling above the counter. The first thought in my mind was 'That's bad!' The reason is that, in my experience, most eateries which try to be too hip and jazzy somehow end up disappointing in terms of the food that they serve (after all that's primarily why I am there! I might as well sit at home and watch a sci-fi movie if I want to see flying cars). After we took our places, one look at the menu was enough to create an appetite even if you went there after a sumptuous meal. I ordered the most popular dish there (didn't want to take any chances), and ever since then Thulp has become a part of our monthly excursion. The patties are luscious and perfectly cooked. The fries are well made and much better than what you will get at other more famous fast food joints. Haven't tried the pastas yet (am yet to complete a tour of all the burgers on offer), but the burgers and sandwiches are too good to be satisfied by just one. The overall ambience of the place is really good with plenty of board games to choose from for playing; or you can just grab a book from the book shelf and enjoy it while you get you taste buds refreshed. Overall, Thulp is good value for your money, and a good place to hang out and have some great food.
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eduardo_d99 - Burrp User


November 09,2010

Moo's ur 'moo'my

'moo'de a comment based on a comment from someone on burrp.

the **** place.was the best during the 'moo'dieval ages in 1942bc.nice me'moo'rable place i admit.apple pie is abo'moo'nable now.gotta carry a 'moo'croscope to find the 'only' 400 buck steak these days.not value for 'moo'ney any'moo're.forget the best.'moo'llers 46 is a 'moo'ion times better.

delicate and 'moo'dget sized tummy. 'moo'd spoiler for sure.

to keep it short, the best 'moo'st a'moo'zing burger in town and koro'moo'ngala if you haven't seen and 'moo'nched on it yet --- the _ _ _.
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memphesdas - Burrp User


November 06,2010

To be the best, Take out the best !

Made a visit to this place based on a comment from a friend on facebook.

Ordered a sandwich and a burger, both chicken... however, it turned out that that only the chicken tasted ok. My partner fell ill the following day developig skin rashes, and it normally happens when the food is stale... It's just her way of reacting to unhygenic food. Also, the rates are not quite attractive too since you really can get better food elsewhere for the same price..

TO keep it short, I still drool and die for my favourite burger place on Museum road - The **** Place, where every visit is purely driven by the urge to binge on food and dragging a friend along is "only" an excuse...

SO, to be the best, once again, you gotta take out the best.
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foodoflive - Burrp User


October 26,2010

Tastefull-liked it

Tastefully done interiors - love the idea of board games and books in the corner. Now coming to the food, I must say that the menu was interesting with the wacky names and all that, I know this is a burger N shake type joint, so I tried the lamb burger, which was alright, the portions were sizable. Taste wise it was adequate; i've tasted better lamb burgers. But I can’t wait to try to moo burgers.
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Natasha  - Burrp User


October 26,2010

Yummy ! Moooo !

Finally a place in Bangalore that knows how to serve burgers they way they are meant to be !
Excellent variety to choose from - the burgers, the beverages, anything !
Not a very large cafe but spacious enough and you always have a choice of playing a board game as you gorge on awesome moo moo sandwiches while sipping on the snickers shake.
Kudos !
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Akanksha Iyengar - Burrp User

Akanksha Iyengar

October 04,2010

Excellent value for money!

Thulp is a great place to unwind, play some Uno, chess or monopoly and eat some fantastic food!
While their menus are great, what I like most about the place is their specials.
Everyday is something nice and different, so you're never bored!
This sunday i decided to get the spinach, bacon and egg salad off the specials. A simple salad, but the dressing was just perfect, and the bacon was done just right to make the salad absolutely delicious!
Next, we ordered Vietnamese spring rolls, and as always, I was not disappointed! they were done just right!
My new favorite on the veggie burger menu is the delicious veg Falafel burger with generous quantities of Hummus!
Also a must try there for the weight watchers is the Paw Paw salad! The green papaya with peanut salad is spicy enough to tickle your taste buds without the calories!
All in all, fabulous lazy Sunday hangout with fun games and great food!
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

October 04,2010

Pricey but good

The place has nice setting to it which will keep you entertained as it provides you with many games and novels to keep youself occupied before your yummy stuff arrives. The menu is very limited and there is not much for veggie people. But meat lovers can go Ga- Ga here.
The peanut butter jelly sandwhich is amazing and the buffalo wings are even better. the shakes such as the Snicker bar shake will shake your senses cuz its so good
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TryNew - Burrp User


September 25,2010

Unfortunate experience

This is one of the places that you wish will do well. A good burger joint is hard to find in Bangalore.

Went to this place with my family a few weeks back. My wife and I ordered the laksa soup and we spent the next two days rather ill from the experience. Fortunately the kids did not have the soup but other items like the burger. This was our 2nd visit to Thulp.

Food is generally good but nothing spectacular. Easy going atmosphere that should be a hit with the younger crowd.
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Raunak Kundu - Burrp User

Raunak Kundu

September 24,2010

Baguette spoilt the mood

We had ordered for a Greek Salad and a Grilled Pork Sandwich. The Greek Salad was nice with fresh ingredients and the right amount of dressing but the Baguette was soft and not so fresh. They didn’t ask me the choice of bread, a Panini might have saved the day. These days in Blore you get awesome breads and it is unpardonable to serve low quality bread.
I have given this place a 3 star primarily because of the ambience and concept. I will definitely go back to check the other stuff on the menu.
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Anand Halankar - Burrp User

Anand Halankar

September 24,2010

Consistently awesome!!

I'd highly recommend Thulp for its sandwiches, burgers and 'some' of their specials! Lets start with whats awesome: Chicken Wings, Zorba the Greek (veg sandwich), Meatball sandwich, their beef burgers, and shakes. I've left out a lot of other good stuff, but I personally like all the above. Some reviews say that the burgers are not up to the mark, I would agree a bit, this is the only inconsistent thing on their menu! But when they get it right, they're really good! They've started a new Goan pork sausage sandwich which is fabulous, shame its only a 'special' and not available daily! Definitely try their asian food if its on the 'specials' board, they're Asian chef must be awesome, I'd once tried their Veg Yellow Curry with rice, it was just fab!! Thulp is definitely worth many visits!!
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Rohit  A - Burrp User

Rohit A

September 02,2010

Not a Filler

This place looks super awesome and really has a great menu card. The burgers are kinda bland and its not got any thing special to it.. other than lookin kinda big.. its looks super huge.. but once you are done eating it.. it feels like eatin a Mc Veggie from McDonalds.. I feel the desserts are really overpriced and not worth at all.. The place has a small library and some games... So its kinda nice to play for a while and hang out.
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

August 27,2010

Best burger not!!

I didnt try the moo, but the pork burger. the company had a hot dog & a veggie sandwich.
The burger was so-so, not impressed with the meat. The hot dog had cream cheese on it! bleah.... awful tasting. reminded me of the pasta with 'white sauce' that passes off as palatable in other joints. Where was the relish and mustard??? the mustard on the table matched what i made at home - fiery and bitter. they may want to age that thing a little longer before letting people try it.
The vegetable sandwich (greek i think) was a winner. perfectly grilled brinjal and a nice medley of dressing. They scrimped on the feta - definetely a no-no.

All in all, I still like the big burger at the Only Place. The menu is certainly fresh and the pj's are worth reading while you wait for your food to arrive. Definitely worth another visit for the moo maybe or others on
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Chris1 - Burrp User


August 20,2010


Perhaps the ones who used words like "awesome" and "best" in their reviews, have never had a decent burger before. Three burgers with 400 gm patties were ordered and in the first bite, I tasted disappointment. The meat was dry, hard and devoid of taste. A large burger becomes a liability when it's not good and it was a chore trying to finish it. Now I've easily put away 2 Double Whoppers with Cheese and a large onion rings quickly and easily. This was like to file my tax returns.

The penne was not al dente it was like chewing the cap on a BIC pen. How can someone make a mess of pasta ?? The Vietnamese Pork Burger was quite nice, though. I saw many other diners around me straining to finish their Moo's Your...

The humour that the place is awash in is irritating especially when it promises more than it delivers. Bigger is better but most certainly NOT in this case.

If one's never left India, has no idea what a decent burger tastes like then what's served here is fabulousawesomesuperbfantastic. For everyone else who's had better, skip skip skip.
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sarky - Burrp User


July 31,2010

truly awesome

wow man!now this is what i call an awesome burger! love the moo's ur daddy.this place is fantastic, esp when u want a quick bite.
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Vishal Salunkhe - Burrp User

Vishal Salunkhe

July 13,2010

Best Hamburger joint in B'lore !!

Bangalore has always been the Red Meat heaven for me since the time I started visiting this garden city. Among all the daily mutton biryani joints, Punjabi tandoori chickens and the manjurian dry’s – there were days when I used to badly crave for a hamburger or some red meat sandwiches. The only places that served this were star hotels of HRC.

Then came a day that one of my foodie friends happened to take us to this new place that served rocking conti/thai/global food including mouth smacking beef and pork dishes. Thulp just created a lasting impression right on our first visit, and still gives me a craving for their beef burgers.

The dishes I frequently order here are Moo’s your daddy with extra bacon and cheese (beef burger) , chicken wings (to die for) and Ice Tea (not bad at all). Their day’s special items also cover a lot of thai dishes , I have tried the pork burger and Tom yum soup among others. All have been just wonderful.

This place is a must if you have some foreigner friends along with you who are dying to have some quality hamburgers.

p.s: They have a big collection of book and board games to jus chill out on while eating or waiting for the order.

Whats missing: Beer !!
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Rigobertus  - Burrp User


July 04,2010

A little overrated

Heard a lot about this place from friends so i personally went to experience it myself...Was really exited at first, the quantity was excellent but the burger wasn't really great. It did not have a taste of its own was just another burger. Honestly speaking the beef wasn't grilled properly to give the rich beef taste as i expected.
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Sanjay  - Burrp User


June 20,2010

Cool with a crowd

I came here on Saturday after my piano lessons at Eastern Fare (another place I have yet to write a review about). Major points for:

- Atmosphere (Crowded place yet seemed like the place to have lunch)
- Staff. It felt like one of those hip places where your waiter could also be the guy you watch performing at Kyra or Opus as a guitarist.
- Price. Very reasonable for the selection.

So-so for:
a) Food was decent, but like everybody else, nothing special. Then again it's still a step above most place, and combine with the price and vibe of the scene I'll def be back.
b) We had the thai salad (mediocre), vietnamese chicken spring rolls (awesome) and the chicken strips/pasta (they were ok).
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jungmd - Burrp User


May 09,2010


I wanted to like this place. I really did. I live close by and I love sandwiches and burgers and so when I heard of Cafe Thulp and read the positive reviews, I promptly went there and ordered a burger. It was OK. The patty was tough and not juicy the way I like it. I tried the basil pesto cheese sandwich and that was atrocious - I expected mozarella cheese but instead the sandwich has cheese slices, and the basil pesto is overdone so the whole thing looks soggy and tastes unappetizing.
Went back again and tried their drinks - which were good. The "sour puss" is like a Mojito without the rum , great for summer.
I tried the larger burger (moos your daddy) - the patty was full of pepper and tougher than the last one. The bun was gargantuan. Tried the pasta and the sauce was somewhat grainy and not at all creamy.

I like the irreverence of the place, the place mats, the ambience of a cool college place.
But ultimately a restaurant lives or dies by its food not by the concept.
I hope the management is listening. Charge 10% more if you have to. But if the food is not improved. ,I am not coming back and I suspect I am not alone in this.
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Hima Navarro - Burrp User

Hima Navarro

April 08,2010

Okay place, nothing special

The place has ample street parking. The place serves burgers and sandwiches.

When I went my family and friends, we ordered few burgers and sandwiches. They were okay. The prices were on higher side.

The coleslaw was good, the accompanying potato wedges bad.

The tea was costly. Overall a very average place.
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kesprit - Burrp User


March 20,2010


In the television show "NewsRadio" the character Bill is in denial after reading a review that labels him as merely "adequate." He pretends that this is actually a compliment and starts making up words to try and convince others that it was a good review. At one point, he starts bragging about his "adequacity."

Cafe Thulp has received more than its fair share of reviews that essentially label it as nothing more than adequate. While the individual criticisms here have varying degrees of validity, I think it would be worth your time to give the place a try for yourself.

I went there this afternoon and ordered the "Moo's Your Daddy?" burger. I took pictures and will post them here shortly but let me just get this out of the way first... the thing is HUGE. The plate in the picture is not tiny. The burger really is that big. I couldn't finish it.

The burger wasn't bad. It was certainly better than the burger I had at TGI Fridays a month or so ago but that's not saying much. The only complaint I have about my burger at Thulp is that it seemed like they put a lot of pepper in the meat.

The fries were good. The coleslaw, too.

One of their daily specials today was Fresh Watermelon Juice with Basil. I gave that a try and it was really good. After I finished eating, I also ordered the "Sour Puss" which is their limeade with mint. Also quite tasty.

The restaurant itself was clean and sharp. The art is trendy and cool. The staff was friendly although perhaps a bit slow. They forgot to charge me for my second beverage but my conscience wouldn't let me leave without saying something.

There are other items on the menu that look appealing to me so I'm sure I'll go back again. I kind of regret not trying one of the other daily specials today... the Vietnamese Pork Burger. If anyone else has tried that, I'd be curious to hear what you think of it.
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mrmoojorisin - Burrp User


March 04,2010

Definitely overrated!!

I had read so much about this place - both in newspapers and here that i once recommended this place to a friend even before eating here. Last Sunday my friend and i decided to finally try out this place.

My friend ordered a Bow wow wow, which is a hot dog in which you can choose to either have a chicken or a pork sausage. He opted for chicken. I ordered a veg. chilli chesse sandwich. I had heard people rave about the Snickers blizzard and decided to order one.

First came the snickers blizzard, which was a big big disappointment. It was nothing but a small bar of snickers blended with a glass of skimmed milk accompanied by another small bar of snickers. I was expecting a really thick shake, which would be a meal by itself, but that wasn't the case. At 120 bucks, i feel it is a big rip-off. I'd not recommend it at all.

Then came the sandwich, which i must admit was quite tasty, even though the potatoes and coleslaw weren't anything to write home about. Most definitely one of the best cheese sandwiches i've had in the city.

My friend's hot dog was apparently not that good.

The ambience is nice and i liked the fact that there are board games and comics available. Nice way to kill time till your food arrives even though the service is quite fast.

Overall, the service wasn't bad but i do have a complaint. We asked for the bill and it took them more than 15 minutes, while the people on the next table got theirs immediately. But i liked the fact that the waiter apologised for the delay and the apology sounded genuine.

Will i return? Yes, most probably for the sandwiches but i dont see myself ordering the snickers blizzard again. I'm not sure about the friend though. :P
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Brijesh Kevlani - Burrp User

Brijesh Kevlani

February 27,2010

Love it!

I agree with some of the other reviewers that this may not be the best burger ever.. But hey, Im just glad that I'm getting a good old beef burger to start with..! Hardees or DQ or Denny's or the other ten dozen places around the world do have good burgers.. But they're not here!.. And Thulp is.. And I think they do a pretty decent job while they're at it.. The three times Ive been there, Ive enjoyed both burgers and other items like the fish n chips.. or the philly steak sandwich and loved all of it.. As for the price, I think for the size of the burger its fair enough.. I like the chilled out atmosphere too.. The no-nonsense look about the place.. This is the place Im likely to go for a laid back comfortable meal..
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Jox  - Burrp User


February 25,2010


Over the years, I have had burgers from around the world. Have had Burger King in Singapore and the US and Hardees in Dubai. Also have tasted beef burgers from small neighbourhood burger joints in the US.

So when I first heard about a beef burger joint in Bangalore...I was thrilled to bits. My mind raced back to those juicy XXL Flame and Chargrilled Burger King Beef Burgers and I soo wanted to go back to that experience!

I finally decided to visit Cafe Thulp on Sunday night and tried their biggest burger, moos ure daddy! Maybe I had high expectations? I was extremely disappointed.

Even if I were to cut some slack and compare it to the lamb burgers at Ice and Spice, I would still say, their burgers weren't upto the mark.

So what was my issue.

1 - The bun at Thulp crumples. Thats the first sign of a bad burger. Though a lot of us hate the Mcdonalds burger, note the fact that a Mcdonald burger bun never crumples. Even the KFC burger in India does not have a bun that crumples in a thin layer on top.

2 - The Meat was overdone and too dry. For me a good beef burger is about juiciness. That juiciness is all about the meat cooked just the right amount. Not too much coz then its overdone and dry. And not too less where its rare. Thulps burger was too overdone and dry.

3 - Sauces. Eh. What sauce? Mayo, Ketchup and Mustard needs to be added in generous dozes to make the burger go down.

4 - Price - 250 Rs for THIS burger is expensive. Not worth it especially when you know this aint such a super burger anyway!
Finally...the X factor.

Very difficult to explain the X factor. Its that lil something in a burger where even if the size is too large or u have a tough time finishing the burger, you still try to chomp it all down like a greedy glutton coz its increadibly tasty! Its that sinful pleasure one gets when one chumps on a really tasty juicy burger.

For some reason, all that cheese, bacon and overcooked dry meat make me queezy. And Im someone who is known to love my beef!

Overall, if you are in Koramangala area and you fancy a beef burger, go for it. If you are in the CBD area or far away from Koramangala, dont bother. You are better off at Ice and Spice!

And lastly, the burger does NOT look anyway close to the picture you see on top. Thats a nice Hardees Burger by the way. They WISH they could make a burger like that!
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dyw936 - Burrp User


February 17,2010

Love their Burgers

We've been there a few time and i love their moo burgers.. their menu is cute with a lot of pun and people looking for a good salad heres the place to be... Their steaks are nice and so are their sandwiches n pastas..

Their are not cheap but their quality and quantity is fantastic...

The service on the other hand stinks n since i dont waste my time one of the 2 owners are always around i just call out to him and place my order...
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Meagan Abraham - Burrp User

Meagan Abraham

January 22,2010

"Moo's Your Daddy"

Wasting no time I scanned the menu, ordered a plate of Buffalo wings and the biggest burger on the menu – the Moo’s Your Daddy, which also happens to be their signature burger.

To me the choice was simple – while an array of pasta and pizza dishes were listed out as well as sandwiches, the sesame seed buns crammed with a beef patty and pilled with lettuce, dill pickles, cheese and bacon screamed EAT ME.

Worth mentioning are their clever names using puns and references to popular media to jazz up what would otherwise be a standard menu. Three stars for being whacky and original!

As for the food – when it finally arrived it was well, simply average. It took a total of 25 minutes for the Buffalo wings to come out and they while they were satisfying – my appreciation was perhaps due to the momentarily ravenous nature of my being – leaving me without much to complain about.

The burgers in all took about 35 minutes to come out – far too long in my opinion. When you are grilling mince meat patties and assembling them on toasted bread with prepped veggies and cheese, how much time is really required? Exactly – and the lack of efficiency where making our burgers was concerned made me super mad!

Get my complete review and pictures at: http://meagan-megalomaniac.blogspot.com/2010/01/thulp.html
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akhilsam78 - Burrp User


January 21,2010

Andhra style food

The burger were just average. The patty in beef burger was tough from inside (Probably fried cold patty). The penne arrabiata had too many tomatoes and too much spice. I could not finish it. Service was poor. It was either because the guys did not understand english or the music was too loud. In all disappointed. Have had better burgers
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vsreejith - Burrp User


January 17,2010

Just Average

I cannot believe how people rate this place 4/5 and above! This is an average place. I had visited a couple of weeks back. ordered steak, some burger, short-eats etc. It did not meet my expectations (I was comparing the food with Cafe Y and Indijoe etc). I wouldnt say it was really bad, but if you are in a mood to have some steaks/burger/ etc, go to a better place for the money you got to pay here.
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Kevin  - Burrp User


January 13,2010

About time!

Its about time...you must be wondering why...well we have been treated to some bland patty's in between some stale bread and a single slice of tomato and Onion and we have been told its a burger..Enjoy!

Thulp to the rescue...its been ages since i have had a wholesome burger with fresh ingredients and good meat!

The first thing about this place is the calm atmosphere...no pushing and shoving....the food is outstanding! The first place i have actually been asked how i would like my patty in the burger well done or rare...now that's a treat..the meat is juicy the bread is fresh...i think its the only place that they give you not only the same old plain Sauce but they have fresh Mayo and my favorite Fresh Wasabi paste....Beautiful!

They have all the meat possible and its made to perfection...

A little on the high side on prices but worth the buck for the food!! Would be nice to have a cold beer with the meat....
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Wafa Rizvi - Burrp User

Wafa Rizvi

December 18,2009

Just about ok!!

Went to this place after a friend of mine recommended it. I was a little disappointed to know that they serve only beef burgers!! I tried the chicken grill burger. My other 2 pals ordered a pasta and Thai steamed rice with green curry. I was not very impressed. My burger was just okay.. nothing extra ordinary.. though I felt it was expensive for 150 bucks!! I recently went to Ice n Spice and the burgers over there are a lot better and reasonably priced at 80 or 90 bucks..

My friend's pasta and Thai Rice was also ok. I think I got put off by the place as its ambiance is like normal eat out but, the prices are way too high!!
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sindhoor - Burrp User


December 17,2009

All about good food

I love the sandwiches at this place. The stuffing in the sandwich is generous and quite unlike most of the skinny sandwiches I have eaten at other places in Bangalore. The side orders are also rather interesting. Herbed potatoes, picked chili and salad. And its more than a meal by itself.

The Thai food is to die for. I tried the pad Thai and the Tom yum soup. spicy and authentic.

I also like the variety. All the way from Thai to Mediterranean. And all done well. Anything you feel like eating, this place has an option for you. I am still to try the desserts. But they look promising
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santosh_kj - Burrp User


December 11,2009

I love to get THULPED !!

I have been visiting this place so often that I felt that it was not fair on my part not to write a review.I first went there as a response to a very positive newspaper review and had the highly recommended – “Moo” – Hamburger.The stuff was so good that I came back the next day for the “Moo with Cheese” and 2 days later with my wife for the “Moo with Cheese and bacon”.Trust me , my wife couldn’t finish it and I being a good eater ( that’s why I don’t have my photo up there) found it difficult to polish that guy.My journey doesn’t end there, I came back and had their beef steak with teriyaki sauce.Trust me – Have it rear and you r on top of the world.I also loved their roast pork sandwich that they called “ pigs on wings” and also the Roast pork with Thai noodles.They have dished out the stuff every time with the same consistency. I would also recommend their Caesar salad ( with their so called secret sauce).The service is prompt and pleasant interiors.I will give them only a 4 as their fish & chips ( a fish called wanda) was not upto the standard they set for the themselves.It could be that I caught them on their wrong day but everybody loves it when there is still room for improvement.Keep this stuff going guys !!
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howduhungry - Burrp User


December 07,2009

Awesome sandwiches!

Apart from the interesting names for the dishes and the very upbeat ambience, the sandwiches at Cafe Thulp are definitely worth a mention.

We had the vegetarian sandwiches and since we were 5 of us, tried 5 different sandwiches and rarely do you find a place which has different sandwiches which taste distinctively different. We liked all of them although I rate 'Peta ka Beta' the best.

The place gets a 4 star. 1 star deducted as the waiter didnt get us brown bread which we requested for the sandwich!
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eattolive2008 - Burrp User


December 03,2009

Thulp it down!

Having read such great reviews about Cafe Thulp, I decided to celebrate my bday there. We loved the humour writ large over the menu card and the table. My husband reminisced about Amrutha, the tiffin and meals joint that Cafe thulp has taken over. A good makeover!

We ordered Bird on a Wire (chicken satay with peanut sauce) which was very meaty, juicy and super yummy! We ordered an Impostor-Chicken Burger and Fried Chicken Fingers with mashed potatoes and spinach cream. The burger was very juicy and nice while the chicken fingers were quite avaerage. We spent Rs 540 on our meal and were quite satisfied. We will definitely come back for more!
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Rachita  - Burrp User


December 02,2009

An unexceptional Chicken Burger

Its the kind of place you can walk into in your night suit. And looked pretty popular too. The names on the menu are fun and make you want to go through it again and again.

We ordered Hummus with Pita, Chicken Burger and Meat Ball Sandwich.

I LOVED the hummus (taste and quantity) and was almost expecting the burger and sandwich to match up. But alas.

From just looking at the sandwich I could tell that it was dry and cold. Nothing juicy or succulent about it. Just piles and piles of average filling and lettuce between dry bread :(

The same goes for the Chicken Burger. There were slivers of grilled chicken. But very average and not juicy. And when the main filling is average you cant make up for it with mayo, tomatoes and gherkins.

Going by the reputation for 'Asia in a Box', may be ordering the 'Thai special of the day' would have been a good idea.

The herbed potatoes on the side were good, although a bit too spicy. The french fries were the usual McDonalds type but they smelt of stale oil.

Pricing was moderate. So it didnt feel like a rip-off atleast.
But am not sure if I will be back. Or maybe I will... counting on the hummus.
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mana dhanraj - Burrp User

mana dhanraj

November 30,2009


I've been a hardcore devotee of Asia In A Box for the longest time and this cafe is just one of those little gifts god sends you occasionally. If you want soul food thulp is the place to go. Their meatball and BBQ pork sandwiches are to die for. Wash it down with a glass of Lemonade and you're set. For all you lucky first block dwellers its got monopoly! take your friends one free afternoon, get fat and play!
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Prashant Sajiv - Burrp User

Prashant Sajiv

November 26,2009

I just got Thulp'd!

What a place! The best Burgers in town. Really is a surprise package. Service is great, ambience to definitely outta the box.
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Prab Singh - Burrp User

Prab Singh

November 26,2009

Dig in! A real hamburger joint!!

Café Thulp, tucked in an unfortunate location in Koramangala, has nothing else to be sorry for. This was such a wonderful surprise!! We had just gone for the rare morning movie and were discussing where to go in Koramangala. The area is booming with restaurants now, though I remember when we first moved our office there back in ’96 when Sukh Sagar had the corner on the market. Many of these newbie’s however still wouldn’t hold a candle to Ole Sukh! So I was naturally apprehensive about the suggestion of Thulp Café. The only thing that my friend knew was that the same guys did Asia in a Box. Well that was enough for me! Knowing Gathaum Kuti’s excellence in several ventures and also having tried Asia in a Box, I felt it was well worth a shot.
The restaurant itself is a very unassuming space that opens almost right into the road but stretches back far into the space enough that you do not feel like you are eating on the road. The menu, and all of there marketing material, is fun, catchy and begs the consumer to try more!! Being a burger joint, it was clear what I would be trying. I can honestly say that I have never had a better burger in Bangalore, including my closest second, The Only Place. Others were very happy with their grilled chicken sandwich and some batter fired chicken sticks. Prices are quite decent (uploaded one page of the menu to photos here). Coffee afterwards also did not disappoint. We were too stuffed for desert, but it is very tempting! So, my only complaint about Thulp would be that it is in Koramangala!! Come to Indiranagar! But then, I have a hunch that this place will do very well and is all set to replicate in other centers around town. That said, it is worth the trip to the swampy side of town to get that tasty burger.
Any chance that you might consider a breakfast menu someday Gautam or Padma (co-owner is Padma Kumar)? I know that it is a stretch, but my search continues!!
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freelunch - Burrp User


November 25,2009

Thulp it up! :D

Creative menus, nice music, and really awesome food. Oh, and the food's really awesome (it's worth saying that twice). With sizable portions, a few drinks and the casual atmosphere in there, my friends and me really lost track of time, and in my opinion exactly what a cafe should do. I had one of their specials that day, kinda forgot it's name, but it definitely earned its place on that board. The servers are a friendly bunch, the service being quick. 5 stars to cafe thulp, keep it up!
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Kavisha Pinto - Burrp User

Kavisha Pinto

November 22,2009

Will go back for 'moo're

I had this huge pregnancy craving of a real good hamburger and at Cafe Thulp I could cross that craving off the list.
Had the Moo Burger with Bacon and Cheese and in Bangalore that's the best burger I have ever had. Of course I had trouble finishing it but I took as a task and finally did. If you're having a burger you may want to skip the starters coz there's no way you can finish both. My husband had a the 'Impostor' which is a chicken burger and enjoyed his meal as well. Too bad we didn't have space for desserts but I've heard that they're pretty good as well. Will definitely go back to thulp more.
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Cake Junkie - Burrp User

Cake Junkie

November 13,2009

Not that great

Young-ish decor , the books are a nice touch.
For starters we ordered the Hummus with Pita bread.The pita was more like a pizza base , and the hummus didnt taste like they used olive oil , plus the tahina was a little over-powering.
We ordered the Chicken Cafreal Sandwich for mains ,which was quite good.Liked the herbed potatoes on the side.
We also ordered the Chicken Burger which was a huge let down .The meat was uncooked the first time, so we sent it back, they brought us a new burger , and this was uncooked as well.One thing you CANNOT make a mistake with is a simple chicken burger ! I had lost my appetite and they were closing too, so didn't want to bother sending it back.Just took a bite or two and left.

The staff really does need to be educated about the menu, and the music can be toned down a bit !

Since i dont eat red meat, that takes the Moo Burger off my list, and i'm sure there are a lot of people out there like me.So they should take interest in improving their Chicken Burger since it was just a piece of grilled meat inbetween a bun.Come on guys.You can do better than that.

Maybe i'll try the Thai Curry the next time around, and hope that its good.

Food 3/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Service 4/5
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pavi77 - Burrp User


November 13,2009

Worth a visit !

Cafe Thulp is a nice cafe , went there recently after reading the reviews. The place is small but neat , having books , magazines, comics and games is a nice idea. The food was nice but not great .. we did not try the burgers though.
We tried the prawn cocktail and dimsums for starters and both were great .. liked the sauce the dimsums come with, it was awesome. After the nice starters the main course was a let down. We had ordered 2 pasta dishes , one chicken dish(forgot the name) and fish & chips . Liked the drinks though , they were good.
The waiters need to be educated about the food, otherwise the service was efficient. The prices are decent.
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epicure007 - Burrp User


November 12,2009

Surely worth a visit

Well, they have said it all - "best burger in town", "great burgers", etc, etc. And its all true

This review will be biased because it was just the Moo - that is what they call their hamburger - that I am my friend had. There is a lot more on their menu, which surely sounds very interesting for starters. I would surely like to go back and try something else. But then, it should be a given that Cafe Thulp will get popular for their burger

The place is unassuming. Simple, minimalistic decor. Considering that a majority of what they offer is often coined as "junk food", one must admit that the ambience is more than pleasant. What striked you instantly is the in-your-face humour which is delivered through the placemats and the menu card itself. "Moo with Cheese", "Peta Ka Beta", "Moo's your Daddy?" - yes, these are names of dishes. It leaves an impression for sure

We ordered a lemondade along with the Moo burger. My favourite Burger is one that I had in a place called Burger King in Pune many years back. This one is on par with it and certainly is the best I have had in Bangalore. The quality of the meat, the salad, the coleslaw is top-notch. The accompaniments - mayonnaise, mustard and tomato ketchup - are impeccable

The French Fries certainly could have been better, but I would not mind not having them in any case.

If burgers, frankfurters, steaks sound like your type of food - go right ahead and make this your temple. And go there on an empty stomach
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Shreyashi Ganguly - Burrp User

Shreyashi Ganguly

November 09,2009

Best burger in town

This innovatively done place serves Bangalore's best burger. Hands down. There is no competition.

Time rolls by as you play scrabble and chess. Read a book, leaf through a magazine, all the while talking to your friends, eating delicious unpretentious food.

These are the things we had ordered:

Moo burger with bacon n cheese: 5/5
Chocolate milkshake/ Snickers mkshk: 5/5
Hummus with pita: 4.5/5
Prawn cocktail: 3/5 (I have had and can prepare this better)

The patty was beautiful, the french fries done just right and the pickle was amazing.

A must visit for any burger lover. People who ahve reservations against beef, needn't worry, there's also the "imposter" chicken burger.

I would go there again and again just to read up the hillarious menu and the placemats :P
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anilkarat - Burrp User


November 04,2009

Great burgers

Great burgers. fresh and juicy unlike the ones you get at mc donalds or the other fast food joints. must have the all-beef moo-burger
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ad_an80 - Burrp User


October 29,2009

i'll be back!!!

Tastefully done interiors - love the idea of board games and books in the corner. My only issue is that it can get noisy, dusty and/or chilly in the coming months, because the entrance has just shutters, no real doors as such, might want to think of alternatives.

Now coming to the food, I must say that the menu was interesting with the wacky names and all that, I know this is a burger N shake type joint, so I tried the lamb burger, which was alright, the portions were sizable. Taste wise it was adequate, i've tasted better lamb burgers. But I cant wait to try to moo burgers.

My friend had the pasta (white sauce) which was on the sweeter side, and the Thai curry (with tofu and eggplant) had an overpowering smell of the lime leaf.

Having said that, people should go here for the burgers n shakes and the fries. The fries are among the best I've had in B'lore...!!, and the simple chocolate milkshake - classic!!!!!!
I say keep focusing on the burgers - quality and taste wise - and keep them simple and delicious!

The place is an ideal location and I'm sure it will be interesting to see this cafe hitting the right spot.
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Fourier - Burrp User


October 28,2009

Go Thulp-ing!

Caf Thulp is AMAZING! I went there with a few friends yesterday and absolutely lost track of time. We spent close to 2+ hours there after work and walked out as fresh as we would be after a lazy weekend afternoon brunch. We started with the minty lemonades , the raw mango and papaya salad (paw paw pow) and some sandwiches. Since it wasn't 7PM, we couldn't order the main courses, but that was totally fine with all of us. The sandwiches came with yummy herb potatoes and the raw mango/papaya salad was the 2nd best I have had in Bangalore (after Blue Ginger). Since they had books and a decent collection of board games, we played a lot of Scrabble while munching and didn't realize when it got to 8PM. We sadly packed up the games, and left the place wishing to go back (SOON).

The place isn't over the top expensive, but some might find some of the main courses that go ~200+ bucks a bit on the high end for a coffee shop. But the quality of food you get here is absolutely worth every penny spent. The ambiance is cozy, laid back and nice. I'd definitely be back there in the next few days for another game of Scrabbles and munchies :)
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Saritha Thomas - Burrp User

Saritha Thomas

October 24,2009

Heavenly ;-)

Thanks to Burrp and the fantastic reviews I jus knew I had to go check out Thulp for myself and thatâ??s just what I did when I was dying of hunger at lunch time today.
I called them up for directions and was very politely helped out. Thulp is a fast food chilled out joint with fine dining food which is just purrrfect for people like me!
The owner(whose name I forgot to ask) helped us out to order. We ordered the Gonzo Garbanzo (Hummus with pita bread drizzled with olive oil and topped with olives,) which my Arab friend vouched for and said is as good as the real thing in the Gulf and I must say it was delicious.
The Lemon Soda with mint was really refreshing on a hot sunny afternoon.
We had the Alphonos Hankypants(Spaghetti with Chicken in Alfredo Sauce and Mushrooms accompanied with bread) which I felt was slightly bland and lacking spice.
I of course ordered the Moo Burger(Poor lill cow) after reading the earlier reviews on Burrp. Just like itâ??s described below awesome beef with shredded lettuce, pickles and onions .I canâ??t even begin to explain how delicious this burger was, I was taken to heaven for a few moments. The burger was accompanied my French fries done just right and coleslaw. We also had the Snickers Blizzard which was also delicious and heavy and is also served along with a mini size snickers on the side which I thought was very cute ;). The owner took care and interest to see how we felt about the food which is usual in newly opened restaurants. My only request to the owners is to not hike the prices as they get popular because the pricing and the ambience is what totally rocks this place.
The color theme is red with nice pictures on the wall a fun menu with funky names which really makes you smile and is a good change from the boring menus we usually see. Not to forget the books and board games at the entrance which you can take and sit down along with your coffee and chill. The place is not air conditioned and is open and I think thatâ??s alright because we really dint feel hot. All in all itâ??s a great place to visit and I for one would definitely go back jus to Moo ;-)

Spaghetti-Rs 150
Snickers Blizzard- Rs120
Moooooo- Rs150
Hummus and Pita Bread- Rs 85
Lemon Mint Soda- Rs 35

We paid a bill of Rs 540 and I did not care at all because every rupee was worth it.
Wouldnâ??t complain about the service as the waiters jus seem sincere and eager to please as the restaurant is just 2 weeks old.

Ambience: Rocks
Food: Heavenly
Service: Pretty Good
Location: Easily Accessible
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October 24,2009

23rd october 2009

THULP a perfect name for this restaurant and has the best MOO Burgers ( Beef Burgers) that u can get in the city. i travelled all the way from hebbal to koramangala for just these burgers as i heard gud reviews about the place so decided will do a Take Away.
So we ordered 7 Moo Burgers( Beef ), 5 Snicker bar milkshakes, 3 lemonades and 1 veg red pepper sandwich. all the stuff we ordered was excellent and thanks to Mr.Gautham and his team. Will surely go again.
Also want to try their other resturant soon ASIA IN A BOX.
But there is always room for improvement in terms of service staff and customer interactions.
location : Hebbal
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shrik - Burrp User


October 23,2009

Kick-ass place!

While I'm not quite the burger connoisseur like fiddlesticks below, I certainly know my meats and breads, and Cafe Thulp is pretty awesome in this respect.

I called up and asked for directions to the place, which turned out to be a good idea, as the placement on the map here wasn't entirely accurate, and had my expectations raised by the courteous and cheerful way in which the chap directed me.

On reaching, both me and the significant other were impressed with the decor of the place - bright, and stacked with board games and books near the entrance!

The place-mats on the table had some funnies on them, and the menu was a delight to read (funky names for the items, and a couple of margin scribbles), which made us delay our order by quite a bit! We finally settled on a hummus with pita bread, a chicken sub (The Funky Chicken) and a vegetarian spaghetti (don't remember the name.. Alphonse something?), a lime-mint cooler (Sour Puss) and the apple/cinnamon smoothie. We also packed a grill-cheese sandwich (PETA ka Beta) and a burger (Moo with Cheese) for a friend.

While the food was outstanding, the Sour Puss really only felt like watered down Limca with a few pudina leaves and a lemon slice floating around (our standards for lime-mint coolers are sky-high - we hit the Fruit Shop on Greams Road in Chennai pretty often!). Also, the smoothie/milkshake felt slightly meh - probably not enough ice-cream, too much milk? I dunno.. But this wasn't too sore a point - I plan to come back later and try out the other shakes (including the Snickers Blizzard, which sounds yum..)

Summing up: both of us loved it, and the friend who we parceled the food for also loved it. Hence, while I haven't eaten at too many burger joints in Bangalore just yet, for now, this is the best of them all!

A few nit-picks:

1. Personally, we felt the tables were a bit broad - i.e. when sitting facing each other, we seemed to be really far apart..
2. The waiter in his enthu to be enthu, comes uncomfortably close to the diners :p
3. The bill took AGES to arrive - but this doesn't seem to be the norm, as the staff had vanished to the back of the restaurant temporarily for a meeting or whatever..
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Karthik Shetty - Burrp User

Karthik Shetty

October 22,2009

Best burger joint in town - period!

Don't bother bringing up any other place in comparison for burgers and sandwiches. Ice 'n' Spice is good, especially when it comes down to economics, but Thulp is still way ahead in terms of overall satisfaction and value for money. The only bone of contention (possible) is the fact that the burgers at Thulp are only beef - like a burger should be, and there's no option of chicken or lamb. Personally, I don't see an issue with that because the owner Gautam wants to maintain a level of authenticity, and he's succeeded hands-down.

The shakes are pretty good too at Thulp, but once again, I'll have to stress upon how good the burgers are. I've been on a quest to find the best burgers in the city, and without a shadow of a doubt, Thulp is the clear winner. The regular burger at Thulp, aptly named 'Moo' is great, and even the construction of the burger is flawless.

To many, my above statement may seem vague, and could have drawn a "wha...??". Well, it's true. There is a proper way a burger needs to be assembled. The patty should *always* be placed on the lower half of the sliced bun. On the patty comes cheese (should be optional), and on top of it comes the caramalised onions. Most burger joints get this step wrong by adding raw onions. Above the onions comes the tomatoes, and then comes the lettuce. Apart from the getting the order right, Thulp also uses shredded lettuce, which makes eating the burger so much easier.

Apart from the food on the menu, they have a blackboard with the daily specials (usully these have an Asian touch to them - Gautam is a trained Thai chef), and they also have a book rack where you can pick up a book and read in brighly coloured interiors, in a totally chilled out atmosphere.
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Aaron Lazarus - Burrp User

Aaron Lazarus

October 16,2009


Nice ambience... nice location... Amazing Burgers, And something all should try out is their drink called "Snicker Blizzard"... brilliant place... really...
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